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2018 Best 9 on Instagram

Category: All Category: Inspiration

#1: A Modern Ski Chalet | Contemporary + functional #schoolhouseliving.
"The starting point was a structure with a sloping roof that could shoulder snow load, much like ski chalets sited above the treeline." via 
@sunsetmag @portlandsunshine. Photo @sunsetphoto

#2: An impressive bath remodel | Attic space transformed into a beautiful master bath 
#schoolhouseliving via design @casework.it

#3: The mix beats the match in this stunning
Portland kitchen | Morning light dances in 
See the full before and after.

#4: A modern and upscale traditional style | Farmhouse kitchen retreat #schoolhouseliving 
via @cuttingedgehomes design @finding__lovely

#5: The perfect Easter moment | A morning swim in the kitchen sink #happyeaster #schoolhouseliving via @azurefarm

#6: Clever storage solutions | Growing book collection #schoolhouseliving.
@officialfeatherweight, design @mcelroyarch via @fireclaytile

#7: Tiny A-Frame Cabin | Holiday 2018 is here. Handcrafted and design forward,
each piece is meant to hold a special place in your heart + home 

#8: Open shelving + Schoolhouse wall sconces | Kitchen morning light #schoolhouseliving.
Photo @chelsielopezproduction via @jkath_designbuild @audreycrispinteriors

#9: A beautifully blooming bathroom | Eternal spring. #schoolhouseliving

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