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Our Favorite Pet-Friendly Picks

Our Favorite Pet-Friendly Picks

We love our pets, and we know you do too, which is why we think it’s important to not only create a beautiful home that you’re proud of, but one where your pets are prioritized as much as your style. In this blog, we list out our favorite pet-friendly Schoolhouse picks, and why they’re the right choice for all of our fuzzy companions.


Cat peeking around doorframe into room with olive grove wallpaper, broom, and a utility stool holding a stack of books and a plant.


There’s nothing like curling up on the couch with your furry friend, which is why it’s important to find furniture that not only fits your style, but is durable enough to withstand the company of our pets. From our modern yet elegant Milo Sofa, to our extra-durable TON Bentwood Caned Chairs, each piece of furniture we carry is designed to last for generations, regardless of how much it’s used.

Tip #1: One of our favorite care tips for soft surfaces, such as a couch or fabric chair, is to sprinkle baking soda across the piece and let it sit overnight before vacuuming it up in the morning. This should significantly lessen any pet odors, if not eliminate them completely!


Scruffy dog laying on cozy bed with light blue bedding and a red bolster pillow.


The best part about Schoolhouse bedding is that it only gets better with age. The more you wash it, the softer it becomes, which is why our quilts, blankets, and coverlets are the perfect choice if you’re looking for something timeless, beautiful, and effortlessly durable.

One of our favorite bedding picks is the Stillwater Floral Quilt, which serves as the perfect layering piece throughout any season. This woven textile’s cozy weight and luxurious lived-in texture will have you and your pets cuddling up for hours.

Tip #2: A tip we’ve found helpful in diminishing pet hair without having to haul out the vacuum or waste lint roller sheets is to use rubber dishwashing gloves (we were surprised, too). Simply put them on, dampen them slightly under cool running water, and slowly wipe them across the surface of your bedding or blankets. The static from the gloves should pick up any stray hairs as you rub them across the fabric and viola. 


Kitten walking across cozy bed with black and white plaid blanket.


There’s nothing quite like the effortless coziness of our heirloom-quality rugs, and we think our pets would certainly agree. Whether they’re sprawling out for an afternoon nap, or playing with their favorite toy, our rugs provide the perfect place to land. A few of our coziest, easy-to-clean picks include the tried-and-true Jute + Chenille Rug, and our beloved Plaid Wool Rug, which comes in a variety of different shades to match the style of your home perfectly.

Tip #3: To keep your rugs looking new and feeling fresh, we recommend changing up your furniture arrangement every now and then. Rearranging your furniture will break up the natural pathways your pets tend to use, thus reducing the overall wear and tear to a certain area. Additionally, you get the added benefit of rearranging your space to achieve a fresh new feel!


Bulldog standing on the back of modern white couch with quilt over it staring out the window.

Boston terrier sleeping on top of white sheepskin on leather chair in front of a cozy fireplace.

Tiny gray kittne sitting atop bentwood cane chair with globe surface mount light above it.


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