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How to Choose the Right Color + Finish for your Light Fixture

A Ray pendant in bellini pink over a dining table.

Our homes are often a reflection of our personal style and design values, which is why selecting the right color and finish for your light fixture is of the utmost importance. From Juniper to Bellini, we recently introduced 36 new hues alongside satin and gloss finish options to our bestselling lighting collections. 

Whether you choose to stick to one style or take a mix and match approach, we’ve got you covered. Read on for a quick cheat sheet on our range of color options and the difference between our satin and gloss finishes. 


Sidnie table lamp stop motion showing the different color options.

Choose a Color

Many of our light fixtures are hand-assembled and painted in our Portland, Oregon factory. Our most popular lights come in a range of colors and two finish options—satin or gloss to coordinate with an array of interior styles (more on our color expansion here). 


The Teig Table Lamp on a side table.

The Teig Lamp on a kitchen shelf.

Teig Lamp
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Teig Lamp
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Teig Lamp
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Teig Lamp
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To start, take into account the color scheme of your home. Ask yourself if you want to coordinate or create contrast with the existing decor. For example, if you have a room with white walls and neutral furniture, work with tones like Lichen or Shell White for a modern, monochromatic look. If you want to add a statement-making focal point, opt for a bold hue like Persimmon or Paprika (for more tips on adding color to your home, read here). 


Luna wall sconce in a bathroom.

Luna wall sconce in a kitchen.

Select a Finish

When it comes down to it, both our satin and gloss finishes are beautiful, durable, and expertly painted in our Portland, Oregon factory. Your ultimate design decision will depend on your personal preference and the existing interior elements of the room. To help navigate the two sheens, we asked our Product Team to answer our most popular questions around both finishes. We'll start with the most obvious question, which is: what's the difference between a satin and gloss finish?


Two light pink pendants hanging on a wood backdrop.  

Satin Finish

Our satin finish is soft, smooth, semi-reflective, and has a slightly matte sheen. The color on the satin finish translates as minimal and subtly sophisticated. In the room below, the Sidnie Lamp in Persimmon Satin adds a nice contrast to the white walls and wood tones from the wall hook and sideboard.

The color on the satin finish translates as minimal and subtly sophisticated.


The Sidnie Lamp in persimmon on a sideboard.

The Sidnie Lamp in Persimmon Satin


Gloss Finish

Our gloss finish is reflective, bright, and has a shiny sheen. The color on the gloss finish tends to appear richer and darker because it reflects more light than its satin counterpart. Pictured below, the Sidnie Lamp in Chamomile Gloss adds a nice color pop to the room with a high level of shine and clarity. 

The color on the gloss finish often appears richer and darker because it reflects more light than its satin counterpart.  


The Sidnie Lamp in Chamomile Gloss on a sideboard.

The Sidnie Table Lamp in a Chamomile gloss finish.


Is there a difference in durability?

The gloss level of our paint has no impact on fixture lifespan or quality. Making sure you regularly clean your light fixture will ultimately determine the longevity of the light. We suggest non-abrasive cleaning solutions (such as a microfiber cloth) for all of our painted finishes. 


The Allegheny plug-in wall sconce in a bedroom.

Allegheny wall sconce in butterscotch in a kid's room.

Does the finish change the quality of light?

When it comes to light output, no. Because the interior of the fixture is the same, the color and finish you select will not impact the quality of light. While it doesn't affect brightness, the overall look of the light will change depending on the finish you select. 

  The Ray Pendant in black over a dining table.

The Ray Pendant in bellini over a dining table.

When all is said and done, remember, your personal taste matters. Choose colors that resonate with you and reflect your interior style. If you're still having trouble visualizing, consider ordering samples to see how the finish will look in your space before making a final decision. 


Fran wall sconce in a bathroom.

Fran wall sconce in a kitchen.

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