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Our Most Iconic Lighting Collections Just Got Brighter

Our Most Iconic Lighting Collections Just Got Brighter

This year, we're celebrating the functional artistry of utilitarian lighting by introducing 36 iconic new hues to our most popular lighting collections. Not only has this color expansion brought a new dimension to our family of fixtures, but it has also opened up a world of creative possibilities for homeowners and designers alike. Whether you're looking to refresh your living space with a bold and energetic statement piece, or wanting to create a harmonious and calming sanctuary with soft tones, our expanded color options provide the perfect palette to bring your vision to life.

From Chamomile to Azalea, and every vibrant hue in between, our lighting just got a whole lot brighter, and we can't wait to see how these colorful additions will illuminate and enliven every corner of your home. Scroll below to discover our revitalized lighting collections and find your perfect hue. 


Modern living room bursting with color.


1. The Sidnie Collection 

Unique and mushroom-shaped, our iconic Sidnie collection is sure to inspire joy in any room of the home. Available as both a lamp and pendant, both these fixtures exude an era-defying appeal perfect for any space. 

The versatility of our Sidnie Lamp allows it to complement various decor styles, be it modern, traditional, or eclectic, while providing a warm and cozy ambiance. Meanwhile, the Sidnie Pendant offers striking visual appeal with its minimalist and contemporary aesthetics. The unique design adds a focal point to the room, making it an ideal choice for dining areas, kitchen islands, or entryways alike. Now available in more colors than ever before, it's never been easier to bring a pop of modern color into your space.  


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Red lamp on entryway console.

Pink pendant hanging in bathroom.


2. The Ray Collection 

The perfect blend of style and functionality, the Ray is available as a pendant, sconce, and surface mount, allowing it to shine in every room of the home. With a compact design and sleek finish, its warm illumination creates a welcoming atmosphere and serves as an eye-catching centerpiece in any space.

Opt for the Ray 17" Sconce to make a statement on the wall of your living room, or cluster a few Ray 8" Pendants over your kitchen counter to set the mood. If you're looking to elevate your dining room, we love the look of the Ray 17" Pendant in an eye-catching hue, like Bellini or Chamomile, in a neutral space to deliver a dose of unexpected color.


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Pink pendant over dining table.


3. The Cylinder Collection 

With so many options, the Cylinder Collection was created with versatility in mind. Available as a pendant, surface mount, sconce, and double sconce, and now available in 36 different hues, it's never been easier to bring a pop of subtle color into your home. With endless options, you have the ability to choose from a variety of shades and bulbs to create a myriad of different looks, from traditional to modern. 


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Eclectic kitchen.


4. The Fran Collection 

Whether you're looking to enhance the character of your kitchen or brighten up your bathroom, the Fran delivers on both form and function. An homage to San Francisco’s Victorian architecture, our beloved Fran (available as both a surface mount and sconce) features a subtly romantic scalloped edge detailing designed to bring a touch of subtle charm to any space. Choose from 36 unique hues, like Azalea or Ecru, to brighten up every room in your home.  


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Pink bathroom with scalloped light over sink.


5. The Isaac Collection 

Our spin on a classic mid-century design, the Isaac is available in a variety of forms, from a plug-in sconce to a floor lamp, and comes in 20 unique hues. An elevated take on playing the angles, the Isaac Collection makes for a functional yet joyful addition to any room. Handcrafted from steel on a custom lathe, the Isaac offers a juxtaposition of light, finish and texture that illuminates a room even when idle.


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Floor lamp next to wooden chair in modern room.


6. The Joe Collection 

Function meets form in the Joe Collection. Inspired by 1970s-era utilitarian designs, these timeless fixtures features an adjustable swivel and articulated shade to easily adapt to the task at hand. Available as a floor lamp, table lamp, and sconce (hardwired and plug-in), the Joe is perfect above a bedside table, or as an entryway accent and is sure to add charming personality to any room. Now available in a variety of unique shades, Joe will bring a fresh industrial look and an unexpected pop of color to your home.


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Sconce over sink in bathroom.


7. The Luna Collection 

Arguably one of our most iconic, and expansive, collections, the Luna is available in a variety of fixtures and stunning new hues. Pared down to the elements of line and light, the Luna Collection retains a delicate, sculptural quality that illuminates a room even when unlit. A stylish take on task lighting, the glass shades on these fixtures elicit a milky finish that imparts a moon-like glow. A nod to the geometric tendencies of mid-century modern design, the Luna Collection seamlessly blends into a variety of more traditional and modern spaces alike due to its craftsmanship and quality of light. 


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Globe pendant over dining table.


8. The Factory Collection 

A faithful Schoolhouse take on a classic light fixture, the Factory brings utilitarian design to indoor and outdoor applications alike. Crafted with hand-spun steel, powder-coated and painted in-house, this wet-rated fixture will introduce an extra dose of industrial style to your front porch, backyard patio, bathroom, or hallway. Now available in a wide selection of never before seen hues, there's never been a better time to incorporate this fixture into your home. 


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Outside porch with table and chairs.


9. The Bower Collection 

A minimal yet modern solution for front entryways, outdoor walkways, porches, bathrooms, and kitchens, the Bower (available as both a surface mount and sconce) is designed to cast a soft, ambient glow while the metal shield creates a semi-directional downlight. Expertly suited for indoor and outdoor applications alike, this thoughtfully designed fixtures features a glass shade that threads easily into place and a selection of 14 diverse hues. 


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Front porch with table and brightly colored folding chairs.


10. The Allegheny Collection 

Slim, modern, and understated, the Allegheny Sconce is available in both a hardwired and plug-in option, and is ideal for illuminating exteriors, hallways, and works of art. Equally suited for both outdoor and indoor applications alike, this classic sconce is our luxurious take on utilitarian style. A play of mixed materials and scale, the brass square canopy perfectly complements the 16 different colors of the bullet-style shade.


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Kids playroom with sconces over desk.


11. The Harlow Collection 

If you're looking to add a touch of modern charm to your home, look no further than the Harlow Sconce. Named after iconic Hollywood actress Jean Harlow, the Harlow Sconce serves as a modern update to the type of multi-bulb vanity fixture that might have illuminated her dressing room. Available in 14 satin finish options, the perforated steel and porcelain sockets if this fixture will perfectly complement whatever color you choose. 


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 Modern bathroom with mirror over sink.


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A green accent chair in a home office.
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