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5 Products to Help Keep Your Home Organized

5 Products to Help Keep Your Home Organized

In this guest post, writer, researcher, and interior enthusiast Nafeesah Allen shares her favorite products for keeping your home organized. 


Minimalism has been trending for a while now, but it’s not the right philosophy for everyone. There are many organizational tools to help you achieve a clean design look without going completely Marie Kondo. Whether you’re a neat-freak, productivity geek, functional organizer, or just tired of being late to work because you can’t find matching socks, this handy list will streamline every room in your home without sacrificing personal style.


Woven maple storage baskets on a cart.

A multipurpose woven maple storage basket


1. Woven Maple Baskets That Are Multi-Purpose

Handwoven from 100% maple wood in Ohio, these baskets look great anywhere in your house, but they are best for bathrooms with limited storage. Toss in fresh rolls of toilet paper for guests, magazines in the main suite, or hand towels in the powder room. Plus, they come in different sizes – a laundry hamper and basket - so they also look sharp in the laundry room, as well as placed in indoor bay windows and cozy alcoves. Not to mention, their look is timeless, so they’ll grow with your family and the aesthetic is unbeatable for neutral style.



2. This Brake Angle Picture Ledge That Doubles As A Wall Shelf

These painted metal shelves give any wall a sleek, yet playful look. Hang them in multiples for a perfect finishing touch in the bedroom, entryway, or kitchen. A stylish solution for any space, these wall shelves eliminate the need to have bulky bedside tables and are sized to house a cell phone, glass of water, or small clock.  If books and fresh flowers are more your speed, explore the Brake Angle Shelf. With three different colors, it’s possible to color code spaces by category: white for me, black for you, and brass for guests.



3. A Metal Step Can You Didn’t Know You Needed

Cleaning and organizing feel synonymous. Throwing out old papers and daily trash are musts to maintain a neat and tidy space. The key to high function is an environment that exudes visual calm. This is where the Metal Step Can comes in. The 1.4 gallon size is ideal under bathroom sinks and home offices, and the 8 gallon is perfect for family kitchens and laundry rooms. Unlike other metal rubbish bins, these have a removable can liner, a soft-closing lid, and a satin white finish that resists fingerprints. The off-white color is forgiving of stains and easy to clean. The lid is a nice touch that keeps unwanted smells out of freshly scrubbed spaces.



4. The Miller Utility Cart For Easy, Mobile Organization

Looking for an elegant yet functional way to store items that could be needed in literally any room in the house? This three-tiered metal cart is practical for serving meals, drinks, and even playtime treats. Made in Portland, these carts can be a catch-all for small apartments and sprawling ranch homes. Available in white and sergeant green, this rolling piece can feel as permanent as you want. Stick it in a corner and never move it by locking the casters. Wheel it from the dining room to the kitchen for cleaning up after dinner parties, or shift toys from the nursery to the playroom without making multiple trips. Either way, the cart makes beloved items shift from one place to another without straining your back or wasting any time.



5. A Perkins Hook Rail That Isn't Just for Coats

Declutter hallway entrances with a mounted wall rack that can hold hats, bags, keys, and – of course – coats and jackets. The laser cut aluminum hooks are rounded and sturdy. The extended 6-hook is great for large family or households that like to host. Rather than throwing coats on the bed or the couch, this utilitarian rack sets the organizational tone for the house. It is welcoming, but also commanding – a hint that clutter has no place here. The smaller, 4-hook rack could also keep towels and robes off the floor and present go-to fashion essentials at teens’ line of sight. Like all organizing systems, racks are meant to make life easy by giving prime real estate to the items you value the most often.



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Written by Nafeesah Allen

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