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The Bodega House in Los Alamos, California

A bright kitchen with a ceramic pendant over a wooden table.

The last few years have taught us that living with intention is about appreciating the simple, often slow moments, as much as the big milestones. Alana Stipech, a California-based prop stylist and the creative behind the Bodega house, embodies this ethos in seemingly everything she does. 

Set in the serene landscape of Los Alamos, the Bodega House is more than a guesthouse and bottle shop. Here, Alana and the Bodega Team have created an idyllic environment where strangers become friends over good wine and conversation. Step inside a 1920s farmhouse turned guesthouse and imagine yourself spending some time in the open-air enjoying natural wine under swaying oak trees. 

 White greenhouse in a lush, well-landscaped backyard.

Tell us more about your home! What was the concept behind the Bodega House?

Our biggest inspiration for Bodega was creating a space for guests to unwind, create memories, make new friends, and enjoy incredible, unpretentious wine. We were looking for a location for our hospitality concept (natural wine, shop goods & a relaxing space for guests to enjoy) when we found this property. 

It had existing structures that were very charming, but clearly needed some vision and heart. We knew the 1920’s farmhouse would make the perfect little rental home for guests traveling to Los Alamos. 


A bright entryway with brick floor, a ceramic surface mount, and small sitting area near the entrance.

Could you share a little bit about your background?

My background is in prop styling, event planning, floral design, and retail restaurants. Every job I've ever had has taught me something valuable for what I’m doing now in hospitality and design. My co-owners at Bodega have varied backgrounds in marketing, tech, architecture, design, and teaching. We're all very passionate and curious! 

How would you describe the interior aesthetic in five words (or less)?

Cozy, charming, authentic, quirky, and relaxed. 


What are some of your favorite design details?

Our partner George of Garcia Architecture + Design completely revised the downstairs layout. We were able to be efficient with the small space and add high-end appliances, chic tile, and brick flooring detail. The kitchen island, which we had made locally, is definitely my favorite place to sit and enjoy a glass of wine with friends. 


Cozy bed styled with cotton textured quilt in a room with wall sconces on either side.

Door slightly ajar looking into a cozy bedroom styled with a neutral cotton quilt.

Cozy corner with a chair and a vintage black leather black hanging on a wooden peg rail.

Could you walk us through a few of your Schoolhouse picks and why you chose them for the space?

Schoolhouse lighting is all over our property at the Bodega House. We chose the beautiful new Arbor Table Lamp to nestle next to our wicker bench and western hat display. I love the natural oak tone of the lamp, and the shape is just modern enough to make it unique. 

We also love the June Side Table. It's great for smaller spaces like our second guest room and looks extra lovely styled with vintage art. A few other favorites: the Maple Peg Rail (perfect for hanging a Bodega tote full of natural wine + goodies) and the Cotton Pinstripe Blanket (we tossed it on top of the beds for an elevated yet unfussy look). 


Neutral bed with painting propped up on wood shaker-style side table.

Portable lantern on black dresser with wooden mirror propped up against the wall.

Community and hospitality seem to play a big part in your values. What are some ways you enjoy staying connected to others these days?

I’m so thankful we are back to gathering in-person! During the height of the pandemic, Bodega was able to stay connected to our community through virtual wine tastings, our online shop, and IG Live. However, nothing beats the conversation and experience of gathering around the fire pit with a bottle of something delicious. We’re so grateful to be back, providing our guests with what we do best.   


White farmhouse style building with a black wall sconce above a black door.

Last but not least, do you have any design tips to share for those attempting their own home project?

My advice for anyone attempting their own home project is to think about and understand who you're designing for. If you’re planning your own home, think about what you really like instead of copying trends or everything you see on social media. You’re going to be the one living in the space, so it should reflect that! Also, know when to ask for help and don't feel like you have to do it all yourself! The best things come from collaboration.


White greenhouse with white 70s-inspired wall sconce.

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Photography by Alex Creswell

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