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Our Favorite Kid's Room Ideas from Amanda Jane Jones

A bright living room with a pendant, bookshelf, and kid's table.

It's no secret — we've long admired Amanda Jane Jones for her fun, kind, and creative spirit. Recently, we've been swooning over the thoughtful design details in her family home. Inspired by her imaginative eye and fun-focused interior ethos, we pulled some of our favorite tips from her space. Here's how to create a kid's room that's beautiful and not boring. 


Amanda Jane Jones in a kid's room.  

1. Play as a Priority 

There's the old adage, "Play is the work of the child." Changing our perspective on the meaning of play not only for our littles, but also for ourselves can have wide-reaching benefits. From the slide in the living room, to the built-in kid's desk, we love how Amanda seamlessly incorporates space for play in each room. 

  The Joe Task lamp in a kid's room desk.

2. Timeless Bedding 

While there's nothing wrong with picking out bedding with a specific theme (farm animal sheet sets, dinosaur duvets, and race car blankets), sticking with patterns over pictures will serve you well in the long run. 

If your child insists on a themed room, try compromising with a few relevant decor items (it could be a mushroom table lamp, a homemade animal art print, or using dinosaur toys as decor) and sticking with the classics for the core bedding layers.  


Blue striped duvet in a kid's room.

Kid's table in a kid's room.  

There are also many other ways to incorporate playful themes without having to buy all brand new every time. Relying on bright and bold colors to match the room's decor will add fun and whimsy while not breaking the bank when your child wants a shift in scenery. 

 A kid's bunk bed with striped bedding and a wall sconce for reading.

3. Creative Atmosphere 

Another aspect we admire about the Jones' house is the use of bright and playful colors to create a fun and energetic atmosphere. Work with a color palette your child loves, or opt for a neutral base with pops of color in the form of accents and accessories. 


The dining room of Amanda Jane Jones and her family.

Get creative with how you decorate. Brighten the room with design-forward light fixtures such as wall sconces, playful table lamps, and colorful ceiling lights. Display your child's artwork, photos, and other memorable items on a gallery wall  — using homemade art will add character to the room and also help your child feel proud of their accomplishments. 


A floating book shelf above a living room couch.


Remember, the most important thing is to create a space your child will love and feel comfortable in. Encourage creativity and individuality by incorporating their personal preferences and style into the design, and have fun discovering more about your kiddo in the process!


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