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Holiday How-To: Stocking Styling Without A Mantel

Holiday How-To: Stocking Styling Without A Mantel

Whether you live in an apartment, condo, or a single-family home, we know not everyone has a fireplace mantel to hang their holiday stockings from. That said, just because you might not have that picturesque place to put your stocking this year, it doesn't mean you can't get creative and string them up in one of the many spots that are hiding in plain sight.


Four colorful stockings full of goodies hanging on gold hooks on a wall


One of our go-to spots for hanging a stocking without a mantel is a bookcase or shelf. Simply purchase a stocking hook and place the stocking on whatever shelf looks best (we tend to put it slightly above the middle). This is a fun way to add a touch of festive cheer to an often overlooked area of the home. Plus, we think the vibrant colors of the stocking blends beautifully with the colors on the binding of your books!

If you don't have a bookcase (or at least not in the same room where your holiday tree lives) try placing your stockings on the top ledge of your hutch, or maybe atop a credenza, dresser, or sideboard. If you have the space, we recommend installing a floating shelf by your tree and decorating with simple greenery to create a sweet seasonal display.


Eclectic kitchen cart with various kitchenwares and two stockings hanging from it next t o small Christmas tree in green pot.

Wall Hooks

Another easy way to display your holiday stockings is by hanging them on a few simple wall hooks, or even a peg rail, to transform a typically overlooked space in your home into a festive corner. We love the look of adding hooks to the wall above a credenza or buffet and then adorning the top with simple garland, candles, and seasonal decor. 

Repurposing your coat hooks and rails is another great way to display stockings without a mantel. This option looks especially inviting if you add some handmade orange garland, or a string of twinkle lights.


Colorful stockings hanging on gold peg rail with shelf above holding greenery and holiday decor. 

Furniture Knobs

An easy yet homey space to hang your holiday stockings is from one of the many furniture or cabinet knobs scattered throughout your home. Perhaps you could add a touch of festive cheer to a china cabinet? Or spruce up that empty table in the foyer? Hanging your holiday stockings from your furniture knobs is also a great excuse to give them a little face-lift with sleek, new hardware


Colorful stockings hanging from wooden peg rail on staircase landing.

Identical stockings hanging above mid century modern credenza.

Identical white and gray stockings hanging from birch peg rail below simple holiday wreath.  

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