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The Gift of a Handwritten Letter

The Gift of a Handwritten Letter

These days when everything feels weighed down with stress and a constant cloud of unpredictability hangs over our heads, any act of kindness seems to travel an extra mile.  Last week we received a bright spot in a tough week – a handwritten note from a very thoughtful customer.  Our Director of Marketing sent the below letter around to the team with the subject line: Feel Good Moment.  

Thank you Diane for taking the time to lift us up with your kind words, 
and for the reminder that a simple gesture from one has the power to spread cheer to so many.  We hope to keep inspiring joy in whatever ways we can and encourage you to do the same.  You never know whose day you might be able to brighten through a small act of kindness like this. 


With Diane's permission, her note is published below:    

handwritten letter


handwritten letter 

To whom it may concern,

With continued coverage of financial collapse and lack of ventilators as we all sit tight, or accept the daunting situation, I stare at this photo (attached) and breathe easier.  Whoever came up with this subject (child) and composition (simple bed, stuffed animal and BOOK) – all I can say is you are brilliant and artful and expressive of what gives meaning to life (also the striped pj’s – love them).  

I hope you can pass this along to the person responsible for bringing to life such a beautiful image of what matters.  I love Electric Schoolhouse (sic) and all that the store stands for.  I sleep in the “dot percale sheets” and wake up feeling different. 

Times may get tough, but I will continue to support the ideology of Electric Schoolhouse (sic).  I know the store is closed – for the better – but all the smart and talented designers can maybe relax a little and, in time, design more beautiful and lasting objects.

Thank you for the uplift – image, and store and philosophy.



small child on a bed with a book

from our Holiday 2019 catalog.




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