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Inspiration By Room: Our Complete Guide to Bedroom Styling

Inspiration By Room: Our Complete Guide to Bedroom Styling

It has long been said, "There is no place like home," and we couldn't agree more. With the holidays around the corner (and the weather extra brisk), we feel there's no better time than the present to get after some easy home upgrades for the year ahead.

To kick things off, we're starting our styling exercise in the bedroom. The logic being it's often a place just for you—self-care, rest, a creative reset. Below we share our complete guide to styling a serene space that is cozy and considered. While we've laid out some ground design rules, keep in mind there's no wrong answer—much of what works for you depends on your style and square footage.

 Cozy bedding stack


We could write a whole book about this (and one day we might!), but to keep it simple, we’re going to stick with our top three accent lights (for more lighting tips, read our layering lighting guide) for the bedroom. Here are a few types of lighting that we rely on in many of our photoshoots (and in our own spaces):


Wall sconces: Space-saving and incredibly versatile, the wall sconce is often our answer for a bedroom reading light. For an easy upgrade, try a plug-in wall sconce. We love that it's simple to install and can be adjusted to whatever height is needed

Table lamps: The table lamp is our go-to if there is enough surface area on a side table, credenza, or desk in the bedroom. Not only are they deemed the coziest of light fixtures, table lamps also soften a room by adding a sculptural element. 

Floor lamps: Finally, the floor lamp, also known as the statement maker. If you have ample space and don't have a primary lighting source (like a surface mount), this option is for you. Floor lamps add extra ambiance and make a room feel more polished. 


Styling Tip: Layer at least two different types of lighting in the room. For example, pair an existing surface mount in the space, with a floor lamp, wall sconce, or table lamp. 


Side Table 

The perfect example of function and form, a beautiful side table can elevate your bedroom to dreamy new heights while providing a catch-all for all of your nighttime needs (your phone, a book, or a cup of tea). Here, we opted for a scalloped side table to complement the heritage-style bedding

Another easy trick? Head to your local thrift store and find a vintage piece and paint it to a shade of your liking. Not only will it save you from spending too much, but it will also add instant personality to the room with little effort (for more ideas, read our side table styling tips). 


Styling Tip: As a general rule of thumb, keep the height of your side table between 3-5 inches higher or lower than the top of your mattress.


Cozy neutral vintage-inspired bedding.



The focal point of the room, quality bedding is a must. If you’re upgrading the space in phases, we encourage you to start here. At this point, you may already be familiar with the old bedding statistic, but just in case you haven't heard it (or you need a reminder), we’re going to state it again: the average person spends about 26 years sleeping — with some rough math that equates to one third of your life.

If you’re still not convinced that investing in quality bedding will serve you well (now and in the long run), maybe some visuals will inspire you (scroll below or take a peek at some of our favorite bedding trends). 


Styling Tip: If you want to switch up your bedding but don’t want to purchase all brand new, opt for an heirloom quilt or coverlet. Not only does it make an instant interior impact, but it can also be moved around from room to room as the seasons shift and your bedroom style change. 

 A colorful kid's bedroom with a blue quilt and a plaid rug.


Another way to quickly create an inviting atmosphere is to add an area rug. We’ve found that it looks best when approximately two thirds of your bed is on top of the rug. If you're working with a small space or have multiple beds to account for (like two twin size beds side by side), read our rug placement guide for additional layout options. 

Styling Tip: To let the space breathe visually, try to leave at least 2-3 feet of rug space on at least three sides of the bed. 


Finishing Touches

Finishing touches can be anything from wall art to a vintage shelf to a cherished family heirloom. While the little things might feel easy to overlook, adding in some extra personality via some tchotchkes, a mirror, or greenery is essential to making a space feel truly yours.

Get creative with what you incorporate into the room, and try to work with the items you already have. Often the best ideas come from being resourceful with pieces that hold value to you.


Styling Tip: Frame a drawing, kid art, or an old family photograph for an unexpected touch (for more ideas, read our simple tips for framing art).  



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