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New Modern Style

A modern and minimal kitchen with exposed wood beams.

Ever walk into a space and feel instantly inspired? That's how we felt when we first toured this modern + minimal ADU in Northeast Portland. Elegant and approachable, this dreamy dwelling is full of fun details and natural textures that reflect a timeless yet fresh interior aesthetic or what we're calling "New Modern" style. 

To us, "New Modern" is about filtering contemporary design trends through the lens of our values—it celebrates the longevity of materials, beauty in imperfection, and simplicity in well-made objects. Finding ourselves allured by the look and feel of this home, we thought we'd share a few of our favorite ways to incorporate this design style into your space.


"New Modern design highlights sculptural silhouettes, clean lines, and often plays with proportion, materials, or color to bring fresh energy to an interior."


A peaceful living room corner with throw pillows.

1. Embrace the Art of Living 

The best design decisions are informed by how you live. Take some time to think about which areas of the house you spend time in the most. Do you find yourself reading in the living room during a lunch break? Do you start your day drinking coffee in the dining room? Continue to map out your day-to-day and begin to carve out a creative and calming space built around your daily routines. 


A cup of coffee with a chemex on the kitchen counter.

2. Play with Proportions 

Brighten up the room with sculptural lighting to create an unexpected yet well-balanced interior atmosphere. Varying the height of furniture, accessories, and decor elements can also add a cohesive and dynamic look. For instance, place a tall floor lamp next to a low-profile sofa to create a sense of contrast and balance. 


A triangle shelf built-in to the living room.

A Ray Pendant over a dining table.

3. Invest in Heirlooms

The objects we surround ourselves with often tell a story of our lives. Opt for mixing and matching new pieces with vintage treasures to create a home that feels authentic and intentional. To avoid a cluttered look, try to stick with 2-3 found objects per room, trust your instincts, and experiment with different combinations until you find a mix that feels true to your personal style. 

 A Simone wall sconce next to a bathroom mirror.

An arched bathroom built-in shelf.

4. Celebrate Imperfections 

Embracing "New Modern" style is about leaning into imperfection and the beauty of the natural world. So don't worry about having everything perfectly symmetrical or flawless. Let the beauty and texture of organic materials and design elements shine through. 


A brass Sidnie table lamp on a side table in a bedroom.

5. Allow for Empty Spaces

Finally, leave plenty of room for the eye to rest. Good design is about knowing when to keep areas unadorned—don't be afraid of negative space or taking things out of a room to create an interior impact. 

And remember, at the end of the day, your space should be a reflection of your lifestyle and personal values. Experiment with what works for you and remember to have fun in the creative process. 


A Ray wall sconce in an entryway.


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