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Through the Years: Amanda Jane Jones + Schoolhouse

Through the Years: Amanda Jane Jones + Schoolhouse

2023 is an extra special year for us because it marks two decades of doing what we love most—making modern heirlooms the old fashioned way. As we celebrate 20 years of Schoolhouse, a lot of feelings come to mind, but at the top of our list is gratitude—for our story, growth, and the continued support from our community near and far. We’re honored to be a part of so many beautiful & inspiring homes, and we could think of no better way to commemorate our anniversary than by sharing a few of our favorite spaces. 

Over the next few months, we’ll be asking longtime Schoolhouse friends to share what timeless design means to them and show us how they’ve styled their Schoolhouse pieces through the years. First up—Amanda Jane Jones!

  Amanda Jane Jones in her sitting room


We first met AJJ when she was living in Chicago and have been endlessly inspired by her creative spirit and “want better, not more” design ethos. Below, she shares how the move from their Illinois apartment to their Utah home has changed her style and shows us how her Schoolhouse favorites have stayed as spaces and seasons shift.


AJJ's Chicago Apartment:  

AJJ with her kids in their Chicago, Illinois apartment.

AJJ's Utah Home in 2023: 

Amanda Jane Jones with her family in their Utah home.  

What was your first Schoolhouse product and why were you drawn to it?

My first product was the Studio Floor Lamp in black and two neutral wool pillow covers. At the time, It was hard to find mid-century modern lighting, and I just flipped out over everything. I was hooked! The lamp has stayed with us through three moves and is still in the front room.

"The designs spoke to me! Schoolhouse captured the charm of mid-century style in a way that felt modern and timeless."



The Studio Floor Lamp in Black in an apartment.


The Studio Desk Lamp in the Utah home of Amanda Jane Jones.

How would you describe your interior style in three words or less? 

Simple, modern, and cozy.

Would you say your design style has changed over the years?

Oh yes! Well, when I was designing my first home, I was working for Kinfolk at the time, and we were very much into neutrals. As my children have grown, and I’ve distanced myself from the Kinfolk realm, we have become bold in our color choices. We still keep our walls and cabinets pretty minimal, but we like to mix it up with bright pops of color. 



The Donna Floor Lamp in black in a small living room.


The Donna Floor Lamp in a colorful living room.

Could you share a little more on the journey to finding your personal style (both interior or with clothing, illustration, general design)?

I’ve always been inspired by old movies, thrift stores, and anything with a vintage vibe. It’s something I play around with and ultimately keep coming back to. I’m not necessarily into the quirky mid-century of the American 1950s, but more the European style with clean lines. Honestly, the older I get, I dress and style with what I like and worry less about what others think, which is much more fun. I wish I could give the confidence I now have as a 36-year-old to my 25-year-old self.

"I just dress and style with what I like and worry less about what others think, which is much more fun."



The Shelby Mod Pendant in black over a dining room table.


The Shelby Mod Pendant in black over a modern dining room table.

You brought along many of your Schoolhouse items with you in your move from Chicago to Utah! How do you see Schoolhouse products fitting in as life and even spaces shift? 

Funny enough, when we moved from our Chicago apartment, the new owners loved the fixtures so much that they bought them from us. We realized we also loved them so much, so we bought the exact same ones for our Utah home. We will keep them forever and ever. I don’t see us changing them out, ever!



A minimal kid's room with bunk beds.


The Radar Sconce in white in a kid's room.

Last but not least, we have to ask… Do you have any all-time Schoolhouse favorites? 

Yes! The Sidnie Lamp, the Luna Pendant, and the Winter/Summer Cotton Coverlet! So classic and timeless. I mean, I love everything, but those are my absolute favorites. 



The Graduate Lamp in black on a credenza.


The Graduate Lamp in black in a modern bedroom.


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 Photography by Amanda Jane Jones


The living room of a modern mid century beach house.
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