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Inside A Light-Filled Seaside Home

The living room of a modern mid century beach house.

Last summer, the Schoolhouse Team ventured to a coastal home in Manzanita, Oregon, to photograph our Summer '23 Collection. To paint a picture: imagine stacks of boxes, the bustle of bubble wrap, and lots of laughter. The connection we feel to our products, each other, and the home we photograph is why we make the effort to capture our products in real, lived-in spaces.

This week, as we celebrate the launch of our latest collection, we wanted to share a a slice of what goes on behind the scenes. Scroll below for some images from our summer photoshoot, and a few tips around sprucing up your space for warmer days ahead. 


Beach house with lounge chair on deck.

Blue armchair in ocean house loft space.


As an ode to our analog roots, we captured our latest Summer Collection and catalog on 35mm film.Summer film photos at the beach.Play up the Pattern

When it comes to summer styling, switching up your table scape is a great way to introduce patterns without overcommitting. For the table below, we opted for a linen check tablecloth and matching napkins. We then sprinkled in neutral tableware to break up the pattern. 

A side note on napkins: there are many reasons why we feel passionate that everyone should own a set of well-made cloth napkins. Although a seemingly simple piece of fabric, in reality, these tiny textiles have the power to make or break a table—elevating them in a way that's fresh and fun or subtly sophisticated. 


Styling Tip: if you are going to invest in one thing for your summer table, let it be linen napkins. Not only does it elevate the look, it's incredibly versatile (perfect for parties, everyday dinners, or as a tea towel). 


A styled table with a plaid tablecloth and Hasami dinnerware.

Bring in Bright Color Pops

Summer is the perfect time to celebrate bright and bold colors. Consider incorporating vivid hues like yellow, blue, or green into your home with easy-to-style pieces like throw pillows or blankets

As a general rule of thumb, it's best to start with a set color palette. In the reading nook below, we worked with summery tones of blue, yellow, and pink. We then played with different pillow shapes and sizes to add visual variety. 


A dreamy reading nook with throw pillows and a wall sconce.

Explore Earthy Textures

This might sound contradictory to the last tip, but hear us out. Pairing rich, earthy tones and texture with pops of color is key to creating a unique space that doesn't feel too stiff. In the kitchen below, we selected sleek cabinet hardware, lighting, and counter seating to contrast the all-wood vibe. From there, we added an unexpected element—an art print to add a playful color moment. 

To get the look, start by choosing a few of these trends that you like and incorporating them into your space. Don't be afraid to mix and match textures, colors, and materials. Try adding some indoor plants, incorporating an art print (we like kid art best), or a quirky vintage find. With a few simple changes, you can give your home a fresh and summer-ready look. 

 A modern kitchen with pendants over the island.

Modern cabinet pulls and knobs in a minimal kitchen.

The Hasami Collection on a kitchen table.

Swap to Summer Layers

Introducing new bedding is a great way to spruce up a space. For our summer photoshoot, we were drawn to mixing and matching bedding with warm, earthy tones. Our stylist on set started by picking a vibrant, floral duvet as a focal point. From there, we layered in lightweight sheets and added a textured throw pillow to complete the color story. 


Styling tip: For a laid-back summery look, pair a linen duvet with a pattern-forward sheet set or quilt.


The Hamilton Bed by Schoolhouse on the beach styled with floral bedding.

Carve out a Calming Space

In the busy summer months filled with fun, it's important to carve out a space for rest. At the start of the season, make it a personal challenge to identify an area in or around your home that is quiet and has minimal distractions. If you're feeling ambitious, turn it into a styling exercise by rearranging furniture, removing unnecessary clutter, and surrounding yourself with cozy pillows and blankets to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. 


Styling tip: calming colors such as light blue, green, or cream help make a space feel extra serene.

A collage of film images from a beach house on the Oregon coast.

Last but not least, don't forget to venture outdoors. Stepping outside is a great way to take a moment for yourself away from any distractions. At the end of the day, a calming space is a personal space, so make sure to incorporate elements that you find restful and relaxing. 


An outdoor chair on the beach.

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A light-filled kitchen with wallpaper and a pendant over the sink.
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