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Holiday Home Tour: An Idyllic A-Frame Cabin in Hood River, Oregon

Scandinavian holiday decor for the holidays.

Back in 2018, when we were scouting locations to shoot our spring catalog, we stumbled upon Dawn and Erik Weeman's home outside Hood River, Oregon. Nestled on a quiet country road, their dreamy dwelling is full of thoughtful touches and inspiring design details that surpass time and trends.

What brought us to Dawn’s door was her impeccable design sense, what inspired us most was her ability to take a beautiful space and make it even better by elevating hospitality to something of an art form. As forever fans of the Weeman's and their generous spirit, we thought we'd revisit their space this season and share a few of our favorite design moments from their idyllic A-frame cabin. Scroll below to see the space and read our Scandinavian-inspired styling tips for the holidays ahead. 


Holiday a-frame cabin.

1. Foraged Finds

While many equate holiday decorating with having a tree, there are lots of other ways you can incorporate the outdoors in your home and still make it festive and fun. Use natural materials such as wood and foraged greenery for decorations. Think handmade ornaments, spruce-scented candles, and evergreen accents to add warmth to the space. 

Get creative with a welcoming winter wreath, display fresh-cut firewood near your mantel, or decorate a large mirror, stair railing, or headboard with an evergreen garland. 


Entryway with holiday decor.

Bright Scandinavian-inspired kitchen.

Tea light carousel.

2. Scandinavian Simplicity

Decorating for the holidays with Scandinavian-inspired simplicity emphasizes clean lines, natural elements, and a cozy atmosphere. In past years, minimal has often meant monochrome, but that doesn't have to be the case. To us, the holidays are about embracing moments of color and pattern, and we love how Dawn's space sticks to simple designs while also playing with festive hues.

To get the look, start with a neutral color palette (whites, grays, and other muted tones) then sprinkle in pops of red or green for a fun holiday touch. Get creative with how you incorporate color—think olive-toned throw pillows, a poppy quilt, or vibrant tablewares. Finally. add warmth to the home with taper candles, ambient table lamps, or a traditional tea light carousel


Vintage clock in a bright kitchen with a garland.

Gingerbread cookies on a countertop.


3. Festive Folk Art

Incorporating folk art is a fun and festive way to decorate for the holidays while still keeping your interior timeless. For an easy upgrade, look for wall hangings, table linensrugs, or bedding that feature geometric designs, flowers, and other motifs inspired by nature.

The key here is to balance the folk art elements with the overall design of your space. Choose a few focal points or integrate smaller pieces throughout your home to create a cohesive and charming interior aesthetic that will work long after the holidays are over. 


Cozy living room with a Christmas tree.

A handmade German incense smoker on a mantel.

4. Lagom Inspired Layers

If you’ve been following along with Scandinavian-inspired home design, there’s a good chance you’ve already heard this word before. Lagom is a Swedish word that roughly translates to “just the right amount.” The general idea is that you hone your interior aesthetic based on your preference—adding or removing items until the room feels complete but not cluttered. 

Case in point, Dawn's cabin has a cohesive yet calming palette with pops of color sprinkled in. Below, the bedding provides just enough texture, while the material mix from the greenery, throw pillows, and table lamp adds visual variety. 


Cozy neutral bedding.

A bedding stack with a sprig on pine on top.

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