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How to Choose the Perfect Clock for Every Space

How to Choose the Perfect Clock for Every Space

Every home deserves a well placed clock. From your bedroom to the kitchen, to your front hallway, there’s a perfect clock for every space. With the unique ability to lend themselves to a wide array of different interior styles – from whimsical children's rooms to refined adult spaces – these stylish yet integral timepieces will serve as a helpful reminder to keep your schedule straight while adding a sense of playful timelessness to every room in your home. Below, we’ll share a few of our favorite clocks for every space so you can be sure to always be on time.


Bright kitchen with an open doorway into living room with blue wallpaper and a brass wall clock.

Moody built in cabinet by front door with small wooden clock, keys, modern lamp, and picture frame.

Visual Anchor

Before we begin, we wanted to share some helpful ideas to consider before selecting the right clock for your space. For starters, we like to think of clocks as a visual anchor in any space. They have a humble yet essential presence that keeps us on track without taking up too much visible space. Before you get to choosing the perfect clock for any given room, there are a few things you might want to think about. First, we invite you to consider your daily routines. Where are you in the home when you need to know the time? Perhaps you’re ironing your outfit for the day in the laundry room, or you’re in the kitchen fixing yourself some lunch. It’s important to place a clock in the spaces you’d need them the most. Additionally, you want to make sure that they’re easily visible, and not hiding behind another object, like an overgrown houseplant or hanging on a hard to see wall.


White sideboard featuring tray with fruit bowl and match striker next to brass table lamp with a white clock hanging above.


Whether you use your kitchen clock to keep time while cooking, or ensure you stay on track before work in the morning, we think it’s vital that the heart of the home has a ticking timepiece to ensure you stay on schedule. While we think the minimalist and clean Rudy Plywood Clock is a wonderful choice for a wall clock, you can't go wrong with the playfully bright Wood Block Alarm Clock resting above the kitchen sink.


Bright kitchen with amber glass mugs on the counter and a plywood clock resting on an open wood shelf.


A clock in the bedroom is a no-brainer. The quiet ticking to put you to sleep, the comfort of knowing you have an alarm to stay on time in the morning. While we would typically recommend some form of alarm clock in the bedroom, we also love the look of a well-placed wall clock. Whether it be a focal point above a dresser, nestled into a gallery wall, or hanging solo on a wall near your bedroom door, we think that our classic yet sophisticated Kennedy Clock, or the utilitarian-inspired 1960s IBM Standard Issue Clock would both make for a perfect choice.


Moody green bedroom with hanging tapestry above the bed and a white table clock and yellow woodblock clock by the bedside.


Whether you’re getting ready in the morning or enjoying an end-of-the-day bath, we think that keeping a clock in the bathroom is vital. If you have a larger bathroom space, we’d recommend choosing something classic, like our Schoolhouse Electric Clock. That said, if your bathroom is on the smaller side you may want to opt for our stylishly petite Wood Table/Wall Clock to stay on schedule. You can place this sweet little timepiece on a bathroom shelf or opt to hang it on the wall as it features an easily removable stand that allows for seamless transitions. As an added bonus, the natural materials make for a calming addition to your space that will easily adapt to a wide array of interior styles.

 Bright and light bathroom with long shelf above sink and toilet holding clock, flowers in a vase, and a large picture frame.


Though the hallway might be considered an unusual place for a clock by some, we think it can definitely serve as the ideal spot for a heirloom-quality timepiece. Whether you opt for something larger, like our iconic Tanker Clock, or something a bit more petite to rest quietly on an entry table, such as the Arne Jacobsen Alarm Clock, there’s truly no wrong answer when it comes to adding a simple timekeeper to this space.

 Black wall clock above white cabinet holding baskets, dish ware, books, and greenery.

Brass wall clock above white shelf holding books and greenery in bright white kitchen space.

Brass wall clock above baby bassinet in living space next to oak wardrobe.


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