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Get the Look: 1970's Inspired Home Decor

Get the Look: 1970's Inspired Home Decor

After a full summer well-spent outdoors, there's something inherently exciting about stepping back inside and settling into old routines. This fall, we're embracing the calming comforts of home with 1970's-inspired home decor in vivid new hues. Scroll below to peek a few of our favorite film images from our Fall '23 photoshoot and read our tips on how to switch up your space for the seasonal shift ahead. 

 1970s-inspired mood board.

Mix and match elements from the era with more modern pieces to create a balanced and functional space that reflects your personal style and pays homage to the 1970s aesthetic. 


Telling a color story through your interior items, can often be as effortless or involved as you want it to be. Incorporate earthy hues like lichen, dune, and paprika into the room with cozy bedding, plush rugs, and statement-making furniture or for an impactful interior upgrade, swap out your lighting for a sculptural chandelier, mushroom-shaped table lamp, or globe pendant. 


Colorful throw pillows on the Milo sofa.

interior mood board inspired by the 1970s.

Introduce fabrics like corduroy, suede, and velvet through furniture, throw blankets, pillows, bedding, or rugs. These materials were made popular during the 1970s and can add both comfort and style to your space.


Choose rugs and carpets with different pile heights and patterns or decorate with textured accessories such as woven baskets, ceramic vases, pottery, and sculptures. Remember that balance is key when layering texture. You don't want to overwhelm the space with too many materials, but rather create a harmonious and inviting environment. Start with a neutral base and gradually introduce two to three textures through accessories and furnishings to achieve a well-balanced interior.


A textured entryway rug.

mood board for mixing and matching patterns in your home.

Bold patterns and prints were prevalent in the '70s. Consider using plaid, geometric prints, textured rugs, and floral designs throughout your home. 


Mixing and matching bedding for a 1970s-inspired look can be a fun and easy way to capture the eclectic and vibrant spirit of that era. For example, layer a statement-making coverlet or quilt with solid sheeting and a patterned throw pillow. Play with different patterns to land on an aesthetic that feels true to your personal preferences.


1970's inspired bedding.

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A cozy fall bed.
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