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Our No-Fail Tips to Create a Light & Airy Summer Bedroom

Our No-Fail Tips to Create a Light & Airy Summer Bedroom

In this guest post, writer, researcher, and interior enthusiast Nafeesah Allen shares how to keep things light and cool with her favorite no-fail summer bedding tips.


In the heat of summer, changing up your bedding can breathe new life into your space. Warmer months are all about blending light and natural hues with bold florals and seasonal colors. Matching bedding inspiration with the temperature, however, can be hit or miss. Although it’s the right time of year to go heavy on color maximalism, airy and breathable fabrics are a must.

Below, we share a few ways to infuse summer into your bedroom to leave you feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep. 


Wood paneled bedroom with blue bedding on bed.

1. Maximize Layers

This summer, plush is in. To achieve a sense of maximized comfort, don’t shy away from softer fabrics, layered blankets, duvets, sheets, and throw pillows. 

While adding more layers in the summer seems counterintuitive, thick layers allow you to adjust to the warmth according to the summer night. Rather than having to add blankets when air conditioning is high, it’s best to peel back the layers to find the right balance. 

Start with lightweight and breathable sheets as a base layer, like the Gingham Bed Sheet Set. Then, overlay a duvet for cooler nights, or top it off with a light quilt or the Popcorn Grid Coverlet. Incorporate textured throw pillows, like the Velvet + Corduroy Pillow, to create a sense of depth and visual versatility.


Light and airy bedroom with gingham sheets on bed.

Cozy bed with lots of layers.

2. Opt for Natural Fibers

Sustainable interior design is timeless, and we believe that bedding is no different. Summer is the time to avoid synthetic fabrics that are likely to leave you sweaty in the heat, and opt for natural fibers like linen and cotton. Not only are these fabrics eco-friendly and all-natural, but light and breathable during those sweltering summer months. While linen’s flax fibers are more rigid than cotton, linen is stronger and longer lasting, making them perfect for seasonal use year after year. Timeless classics like the Linen Duvet Cover and Linen Pillow Sham offer the perfect balance between high-quality materials and neutral colors that can fit any bedroom.


Floral bedding on metal wire frame bed.

Up close shot of cozy neutral bedding on bed.

3. Pair Patterns & Prints

Whether it’s florals, stripes, gingham, or geometric patterns, a bold printed sheet set is a great way to liven up your bedding after a long winter. Mixing and matching patterns creates a fun-loving and stylish look for the summer months. 

If you’re unsure where to start, look for simple, chic sheets. The Navy Imperfect Plus Sheet Set, the Poppy Dot Sheet Set, or the Confetti Sheet Set are great starters to match with a bolder duvet cover like the Woven Plaid Duvet or the Blooming Field Duvet.

Stripes and floral prints are a classic pairing that never fails to create visual interest. Try the Painterly Stripe Duvet Cover with the Blooming Field Sham to create a sense of visual interest. 

Pro Tip: Mismatched maximalism is an art. To maintain coherence, avoid color clashes. Keep a consistent color palette but mix schemes and scales to deliver a put-together bedroom. 


Close up shot of bed with pink, red, and green bedding.

Close up shot of bed with gray, blue, and green bedding.

Traditional style bed with multi-colored bedding.

4. Don't Forget the En-Suite

This summer, don’t forget the bathroom. Matching bed and bath sets offer continuous cohesion between the two most important rooms in the house.

Summer is a great time to replace your regularly used features. Swap out old toilet brush sets for natural wood and stone replacements, and opt for a matching toilet tissue holder and a new soap dish that can easily be swiped clean. Remember to refresh old scents with seasonal citruses and fresh mint to bring that summer breeze scent indoors.


Bright pink bathroom.

Green bead-board wall in bathroom with hooks.


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