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Our Top Tips to Get Your Home Guest-Ready: From the Living Room to the Bathroom and Beyond

Our Top Tips to Get Your Home Guest-Ready: From the Living Room to the Bathroom and Beyond

Preparing your home to welcome guests is an art form - it requires attention to detail, a touch of elegance, and a commitment to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. From the dining room to the living room, and all the spaces in between, it's important that every space exudes a sense of luxury and comfort to make your guests feel right at home. Below we share a few of our favorite tips to help you transform your home into a haven for everyone who comes to visit this season.


Cozy living room.

The Dining Room

The dining room is the heart of any gathering. To create an inviting ambiance, start by giving your dining room a thorough clean. Be sure to dust those often forgotten surfaces, vacuum the floor, and make sure the dining table and chairs are free of dirt and debris.

Now onto the fun part. Once your dining room is sparkly clean, it's time to set the table. Whether you're going for a minimal and pared down look with simple yet elegant dinnerware, or something more fun-focused and laid back, having your tableware set out for your guests ahead of time will give your home an elevated feel. We also recommend adding placemats, napkins, and a centerpiece to tie the look of the room together. 


Pro Tip: Set the mood with ambient lighting. Candles, understated table lamps, or a tasteful chandelier can add a touch of magic to the dining experience.


Dining room with table set.

Sunny dining room.

The Living Room

Preparing your living room for guests is an art that combines comfort, aesthetics, and thoughtful design. As you gear up to host gatherings, family visits, or casual get-togethers, there's a few simple tips to make your living space a true haven for your guests.

For starters, it's important to consider the flow of the room and arrange your furniture in a way that will encourage conversation and comfort. Creating cozy clusters of seating will invite guests to engage with each other while layering in plush pillows, soft throws, and area rugs work together to create a welcoming and comfortable environment. Lastly, lighting can set the mood like nothing else. Opt for a mix of ambient, task, and accent lighting such as table and lamps, plug-in wall sconces, and even an elegant chandeliers to create a warm and inviting ambiance for your guests to unwind and relax.


Pro Tip: Don't forget the coffee table - style tasteful accessories like large books, decorative trays, and candles to contribute to the overall ambiance of the space. 



Bright living room with green couch.

Cozy couch in living room.

The Guest Room

Preparing a guest room isn't just about providing a place to sleep – it's about creating a warm and inviting space that makes your guests feel truly at home. Whether you're hosting friends, family, or acquaintances, these easy tips will help you transform your guest room into a luxurious retreat.

What's the most important part of any bedroom retreat? The bed. When it comes to bedding, we like to opt for a neutral color palette with soothing shades that evoke a sense of calm. Neutrals also create a versatile backdrop that allows you to incorporate different decor elements over time. For an extra color pop, layer in pillows and throws to add a touch of luxury and create a cozy atmosphere.

Lighting also plays a significant role in setting the mood. Consider a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting such as bedside lamps, a pendant light, or even a stylish floor lamp to add both functionality and elegance.


Pro Tip: Select furniture that balance style and function. A comfortable chair, a writing desk, or a small side table can add practicality while enhancing the room's aesthetics.



Colorful bedroom with green sconce.

Cozy bed in dark green bedroom.

The Bathroom

When it comes to getting your home guest-ready, don't overlook the importance of the bathroom. A well-stocked and thoughtfully designed bathroom can greatly enhance your guests overall experience. Aside from giving your bathroom a thorough clean, there's a few ways to make it extra cozy for your guests this season. 

An easy way to elevate your bathroom's ambiance is by incorporating thoughtful design additions. Enhance the atmosphere by styling a tray with candles, matches, and bathroom necessities like soaps and lotions for your guests to use during their stay. Additionally, warm lighting will contribute to a relaxing environment. Consider adding a small lamp, such as the Ion, to your bathroom counter or shelf to make it feel extra cozy. We also love placing a small vase of fresh flowers or a potted plant in the space to bring a touch of nature indoors.


Pro Tip: If you really want to go the extra mile create a small welcome basket with travel-sized amenities, a handwritten note, and a fluffy robe for them to use during their stay. 



Modern bathroom.

Pink bathroom with green surface mount above sink.


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