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Sara Charlesworth's Charming & Nostalgic Family Home

Sara Charlesworth's Charming & Nostalgic Family Home

If you’re a fan of interiors, there’s a chance you’ve already heard of Sara Charlesworth, the content creator behind @chalkwhitearrow. Timeless, fun, and impeccably designed, her swoon-worthy Salt Lake City space is full of charming details that keep the original architecture intact.  

We’ve long admired Sara’s natural knack for making a house a home, so when we heard she was renovating her husband’s childhood abode, we knew we had to take a peek. Below, Sara shares the story behind the space and a few of her Schoolhouse favorites


Tell us about your home! How long have you lived there and how did you know it was the one?

The house was built in 1913 and it was my husband’s childhood home. His dad needed to let it go but was having a hard time parting with it, so we decided to purchase it from him about a year ago and give it a bit (a lot) of love. That way he could still visit from time to time. 



Could you share a little bit about your background? Have you always been drawn to design?

I’ve been drawn to design in one form or another for as long as I can remember. When I was little, I rearranged my room more times than I could count. I always loved how the furniture in different places gave it a fresh feel.

Once I moved out, I was obsessed with making my home a place I loved. It has always been something that is really important to me. I’ve spent hours folding down magazine pages, looking on Pinterest, and saving inspiration wherever I could find it. Over time it became more than a passion into something I enjoy sharing with others.


How would you describe your interior aesthetic?

European, rustic, a touch of modern, hygge, Scandinavian. 


Do you have any design or life philosophies you abide by?

Less is more but make it cozy. I tend to not like clutter or to feel like my things are taking over, but I still want my surroundings to feel comfortable. 



Could you share a few of your Schoolhouse favorites and why you selected them for the space?

I love everything! But a few of my favorites are the Radar Sconce, Rogers Ottoman, Allegheny Sconce, Mulberry Floor Lamp, and Plaid Wool Rug. I just love how they are classic with a quirky original flare. There is just something that makes them inherently special. 


To you, what makes a house a home?

To me, it’s a feeling. How you feel when you step inside. The little quirks and imperfections it has that makes it one of a kind. The people that live there.


What are some of your favorite design details of the home?

My favorites are the crown molding, original wood floors, lighting, and stained glass windows. I also love our fireplace (I've always dreamed of a working one!). 


Last but not least, could you share a few tips for those renovating or designing their own space?

Stay true to yourself. Do what feels right to you. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or let others talk you out of details that are important to you.



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Photography by Sara Charlesworth


A bright kitchen with a ceramic pendant over a wooden table.
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