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Design Your Dream Porch With These Simple Styling Tips

Design Your Dream Porch With These Simple Styling Tips

Here at Schoolhouse we consider the front porch as a gateway to the home, a way to set the stage for what lies beyond. With a little creativity and attention to detail, it's easy to transform your entryway into a charming and stylish space that reflects your personality and leaves your guests with a memorable first impression. 

Below, we explore some simple front porch styling tips that will help you elevate your curb appeal and create a welcoming entrance every time you, or your guests, enter the door. 


Wrap around porch on white house.

Woman lounging on porch swing.

1. Illuminate Your Space

The right outdoor lighting can transform your front porch from a simple entrance into an eye-catching space, especially during the evening hours. Consider installing wall sconces, surface mounts, or string lights to create a warm and inviting ambiance for welcoming guests or lounging in the evenings. 

Pro Tip: We suggest selecting fixtures that accentuate the standout features of your home's exterior, such as its architectural style, paint colors, or landscaping. By choosing a fixture that complements these elements, you can create a cohesive and enduring look for your outdoor space. 


Simple front entrance of a white house.

Styled porch of a modern, white house.

2. The Design Is in the Details

One of our favorite ways to enhance a front porch is by adding personalized touches, such as decorative door mats, address numbers, or inviting welcome signs. We also recommend considering the hardware on your front door to ensure that it's cohesive with the overall design of your space.

Another easy way to add a personal touch is by draping a cozy throw blanket over one of your porch chairs to keep warm on chilly evenings, or tossing a few eye-catching pillows on a bench or swing to add a touch of playful pattern to your space. 

Pro Tip: When choosing outdoor hardware, such as a new door handle set, mailbox, or address numbers, we suggest choosing pieces that mirror your home's unique architecture. 


Modern entryway with black door handle set on wooden door.

Black mailbox with brass address numbers on wooden door entrance.

Side porch with chess board set up between two chairs.

3. Choose Earth-Friendly Accents

One of the most effective ways to bring your front porch to life is through the use of greenery. Incorporate potted plants, hanging baskets, or even a vertical garden to add a natural touch. Flowers, herbs, and small shrubs can all add a touch of beauty and fragrance to your porch. 

Pro Tip: Seasonal plants and flowers are perfect for keeping your space fresh and bright during the cooler months. We always recommend choosing plants that thrive in your local climate and match the level of maintenance you're willing to commit to. 


Collection of planters with various plants and greenery in them on front porch.

Front porch of green house with modern planters beneath mounted mailbox.


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