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Home Tour: Carmeon Hamilton in Memphis, Tennessee

Home Tour: Carmeon Hamilton in Memphis, Tennessee

Known for mixing bold patterns and rich palettes, interior designer Carmeon Hamilton takes the meaning of home to dreamy new realms. As the creative behind Nubi Interiors, Carmeon draws on her experience in health care design, balancing beauty and wellness, to curate spaces with soul.

An expert on layering texture and color, it comes as no surprise that her own home is swoon-worthy. Filled with a jungle of plants, hand-painted murals, and an airy skylight, her Memphis space is a tangible reminder that good design makes every day better. We caught up with Carmeon to hear about her creative beginnings, life philosophy, and tips for elevating the everyday.


mirror on a wall with wallpaper


Have you always been drawn to interior design?

Design wasn't a tangible thing for me until college. When I became a Resident Assistant, I had the chance to decorate my dorm room. Given that I only had cement walls and concrete floors to work with, it was the first time I had to really think about the importance of my environment. I was a physical therapy major, but once I finished my space, one of my friends walked in and told me I should consider our school's interior design program. I changed my major the next day.


person sitting at a table

cabinet and plant


How would you describe your aesthetic in five words?

Modern. Bohemian. Cultured. Textured. Soulful


What room would you like to spend more time in, and what room do you currently spend the most time in?

I would like to spend more time in our bedroom. It's beautiful and relaxing, and I love every detail in it. I spend most of my time in our living room and office. I don't mind it though, because they're also beautiful!


woman sitting at the foot of a bed


It’s clear to see that you have a knack for incorporating bold patterns seamlessly! Could you share some of your tips for playing with pattern?

Pattern is such a great way to add interest to a space, whether it's on the walls or just a set of pillows on a sofa. I tell people that it's important to consider the scale or the size of the pattern. The best mix is when they're different. A large, oversized pattern mixed with a tight, smaller pattern is always a winner. Bonus points if they have similar or coordinating colors.

 kitchen with a table and chairs in the background

dining room with a table and black chairs


How do you balance function and form when designing for a family? Has your design approach changed over the years?

Form must follow function. Functionality is the key to a successful space no matter who it's designed for. My approach has always been to start with how a room functions and plan around those needs. Once you determine what needs to happen, you can determine the look.


bed with a blue wall and red blanket

blue room with blue chair and white desk


Do you have a design philosophy you live by?

I believe in elevating the everyday and finding beauty in the now. I always seek to not only discover the beauty in all things, but to also help others find that beauty in the things that surround them every day.


"Every day is an opportunity to love the way you live"


book and a cup of coffee on a round table


Elevating the everyday is recognizing moments of routine or regularity and finding a way to make them special. For me, it starts with morning coffee. I have a coffee station on our kitchen counter where everything I need is within reach. I start with a beautiful mug. I throw a K-cup into my Keurig (Gevalia is my favorite coffee brand). While it's brewing, I put a few cardamom pods and a pinch of salt into the mug. The salt cuts the acidity, and the hot coffee brings out the cardamom flavor and aroma. It totally elevates the entire experience.


orange room with orange chair and divider

bed with a round table and lamp


Finally, could you share a few tips for elevating the everyday?

You can elevate the everyday by upgrading the bottle you drink water out of or by swapping out your disposable salt and pepper shakers with pretty ceramic ones. You could also hide remote controls, chapstick, a phone charger, and make-up remover wipes in a decorative box on the coffee table. That way, everything you need for the evening is right there, but it doesn't take away from the feel of the space.


bathroom with a mirror and a sink and green tiled wall

room with black walls, shelves, and plants

wallpapered entryway with black table lamp


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Photos courtesy of Carmeon Hamilton


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