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This Modern Minimalist Home Perfectly Balances Function & Form

This Modern Minimalist Home Perfectly Balances Function & Form

In this guest post, writer, researcher, and interior enthusiast Nafeesah Allen shares her favorite styling elements from this modern abode and how to incorporate them into your own space. 


Walking into Schoolhouse's Visual Production Manager, Anna Wright’s home, the brilliant use of light wood with black accents immediately captured our attention. Well, that and her adorable pup Tucker, who proved just how cozy tufted bedding and basic plaids can make a home feel.

To us, this home is the definition of modern comfort. The perfect balance between style and livability, Anna's space channels Scandinavian minimalism with an effortless midcentury modern touch. From custom coasters to fresh-cut flowers, this house truly feels like a home. Inspired by this welcoming environment, we're sharing a few of our favorite elements, and how to achieve this effortless look in your own space. 


Light wood cabinets in kitchen with open shelving above counter.

1. Opt for Fabrics With Cool Tones

Innovative color combinations are evident throughout Anna's home, but especially when it comes to her bedding. Shades of mint green, gray, and white create a gorgeous contrast against the light wooden slats of the headboard, and craft a warm atmosphere that even Tucker can’t deny.


Scruffy dog sitting on freshly made bed.

Up close shot of cool-toned bedding.


In her DIY Murphy bed, the light-colored wood shelving contrasts nicely with the deep sea and navy blues of her chosen duvet and quilt. Meanwhile, the white and yellow sheets and pillows offer a calming feel to the overall space.


Murphy bed closed.

Murphy bed open.

2. Choose the Right Amount of Wall Art

Not enough art can make a space feel bare, while too much can tend to overwhelm. However, Anna has struck the perfect balance in her home. The mix of different sizes and styles of art in each room creates the perfect balance of visual interest. From tapestries to flags, photographs to prints, there’s always something to look at in this sweet abode.

The state flag in the entryway shows pride and personality, while the prints leaning against the wall on her console shows off her personal style. From the tree ring print above the dining nook to the hanging textiles, the wall art in this home is eye-catching without being distracting.


Light and bright front entryway with door open.

Console styled with art prints and tchotchkes.

3. Master the Art of Cohesive Lighting

Cohesive modern lighting can be hard to come by in smaller spaces. To create an inviting atmosphere, you need the right combination of natural lighting from windows and statement lighting from overhead and plug-in fixtures. In this home, each fixture is placed with purpose. Combining curvature and modern style, there’s a cohesive flow throughout the house. 

The overhead lighting above the kitchen counter and the dining table provides a great contrast against the round lamps and central fixture above the dining nook. The record table lamp, the kitchen counter lamp, and the nook lamp also creates a sense of practicality that really ties the space together. Even the bedroom reading light is sleekly mounted against the headboard to add functionality while contributing to the overall look. 


A modern kitchen island with light wood and black accents.

Modern kitchen nook with light wood and black accents.

4. Go With Light-Toned Wood 

One of the most striking features of Anna's home is the use of light-toned wood. The warm wood accents balance the industrial and modern look perfectly, which could have easily felt cold and sterile if left in black and white hues. The wooden slat headboards in both the main bedroom and the studio are especially stunning, as they add depth and texture, creating an interesting visual feature that enhances the room without gimmicky theatrics.

The wooden cabinets also soften the dark countertops and cabinet pulls. This similar wood tone is consistent throughout the house (from the print frames to the shoe shelving unit) which works to create a quiet simplicity that feels calming. 


Modern dining room with light wood table and black chairs.

Dining room shelf with boxes of photos on it.

Kitchen shelf and counter with mugs and coffee tin.


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Cozy fall bed with a floral quilt.
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