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Perfect Plant Placement for Fall

Perfect Plant Placement for Fall

There’s no hiding that we love plants. From the flora that adorns our personal homes, to the lush and thriving plants that live all across our beloved Portland factory, we live by the belief that you can never have too many. Additionally, many studies have shown that indoor plants improve productivity, significantly reduce stress levels, and boost your overall mood (need we say more?).

That said, as the seasons change and the days get shorter you may be wondering how to ensure your plant friends still get the right amount of light they need to thrive. While a lot of it comes down to what types of plants you have, there are a few ways to get strategic with your plant placement, and some important plant care tips to consider, to guarantee the greenery in your home doesn’t shrivel up with the cooler weather.


Moody green bedroom with open shelving unit holding a lamp, books, and a few potted plants.

First things first, let’s talk about the plants you have in your home. Some common low-light houseplants include snake plants, pothos, and staghorn ferns, while aloe plants, jade, and string of pearls need a bit more direct daylight to thrive. It’s important to pay attention to the places and rooms in your space that get the most direct light for the longest amount of time (maybe this is a shelf in your bathroom, or a quiet corner in the living room). Either way, we think this is a welcome time to think about moving things around and engaging in a seasonal refresh while ensuring the greenery you’ve worked so hard to nurture all summer continues to flourish. 


Bright kitchen counter with various hosting and kitchen essentials scattered across it and a larger fern in a white planter.


Plant Tip#1: Bright, indirect light from an east-facing window is always best.

Plant Tip #2: Think about temperature. Don’t place plants in unheated rooms where winter temperatures could cause their growth to stop.

Plant Tip #3: Use the rule of three. Place a cluster of plants together on a bedroom or kitchen shelf to create visual variety.

Plant Tip #4: Move plants to a higher shelf where they might get more sunlight. Keep in mind that since heat rises, these plants may need more frequent waterings.

Plant Tip #5: Place plants in the bathroom. Many of our favorite house plants thrive in this humid environment.


Large scale Frida Kahlo painting in kitchen hanging above small, red utility stool with a thriving potted plant on top of it.


Before you get to moving things around, it’s a good idea to assess your plants and see if any of them may need repotting. There are a few ways to tell if a plant friend needs a larger pot. For starters, you’ll want to assess if your plant is starting yellow or begins losing a large amount of leaves, both telltale signs that it may need a new home. Another clue to watch out for is if the roots are beginning to emerge from the drainage hole, or start circling around the top of your pot, which means that your plant is root bound and will need more space to be able to grow and thrive.


Fireplace with ship painting and two sconces hanging above it as well as a wooden chair and potted plant next to it.


Now for the fun part. Once you’ve figured out which of your plant friends need repotting, it’s time to decide on their new home. While we love the look of a classic planter in an earthy neutral like black or green, it’s also fun to get creative and use vessels that weren't originally intended to be planters. One of our favorite plant stands (other than the 12" Cylinder Planter + Stand of course!) is the Wire Frame Bin. The modern feel of this piece adds a dash of style, while its unique color selections allow it to complement a wide variety of rooms and decors. We think it looks best with a medium-sized monstera, or a bamboo palm.

Another great choice is the Speckled Stoneware Crock, which adds an earthy element to your space when paired with a trailing pothos or Angel Wings cactus. Some other great options to consider for your plants are the Classic Stoneware Crock for a small succulent, or add an asparagus fern in the Ceramic Salt Jar.

 Office desk with table lamp and books atop it, with a rubber tree plant next to it and a blue and brown wool rug beneath it.

Of course, there’s always a classic Cylinder Planter, or Modern Planter + Dish Set if you’d prefer to stick to the basics, which we think pairs beautifully with our 10" Schoolhouse Utility Stool for some added utilitarian flair.

No matter what vessel you choose, or where you decide to place your plants this season, we hope they add a touch of joy to your home and continue to thrive as the days get shorter and the air gets cooler.


Sunny kitchen with subway tile and open shelves holding glassware and a potted pothos plant.

Bright living room with a mid century leather couch, white rug, and standing potted plant.

Mid century dresser below wooden bookshelves featuring books, art, and potted plants.


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