The New Materialism: Winter 2020 Sneak Peek

Calm, cozy, and collected, this season we explore the balance of function and form in a minimal space that is both neutral and warm. By focusing on truth in materials, playing with proportions, and highlighting natural textures, we find quiet comfort in the objects that we surround ourselves with because they reflect our unique life lived. With an appreciation for enjoying more with less, our Winter collection is inspired by contemporary designs that highlight sculptural lines and an intentionally edited palette. 

This season, we’re welcoming a new lighting silhouette, additional finishes to our clock collection, and a grand-scale Work Hard Print. We’re also expanding on heirloom-quality home goods with some perfectly not-quite-neutral textiles, rugs, and planters. Launching February 7th, take a peek at what’s to come from Schoolhouse, and be sure to check out the link below to preview our new collection as a whole on Pinterest.


Preview the Collection