Iconic Schoolhouse: The Owen Table

A side table is, by nature, not designed to be the focal point of a room. In a literal sense, it plays a supporting role—to your drink or alarm clock or house plant. But that doesn’t mean it has to be invisible. With its clean, strong lines and handsome factory finishes, the 
Owen Side Table can inject modern-industrial style into any space. It’s Iconic Schoolhouse.

Just look at its strikingly simple design. Concentric circles on the base stack towards the central column, which juts forcefully up into the table top. With five signature Schoolhouse paint choices, the options for styling are plentiful. Pick Industrial Yellow or Catalina Blue to add a splash of color, or use Factory White, Factory Black, or Machine Gray for a more neutral presence that fits with a range of color palettes. The pedestal design of the smaller Owen makes it a perfect base for potted plants or drink rest next to a low seating arrangement. The larger version is tall enough for use at the bed side, or even as a small dining table with outdoor seating. Both options can stand alone or be nested together for an eye-catching multi-level arrangement. 

The inspiration for the Owen can still be found in the Schoolhouse studio. Its exact origin is hard to place because it lacks any identifying makers mark or designer moniker. Judging by the elements of art deco and modernism in its silhouette, it likely stems from a transitional era of design which would place its creation in the 1930s or 1940s. Originally finished in a moss green, the table shows its age with a light coat of rust. (Of course, the patina only adds to its charm.) 
The inspiration piece stands as solid as ever thanks to quality design and construction. 

Wanting our version to match the original table’s longevity, designers created a solid steel design that will weather whatever you put it through. 
The table top and the base are both hand-spun by one of our metal fabrication partners in Los Angeles. The column and the internal parts are also made in the United States, the welding is performed by another metal fabricator here in Portland, and the whole assembly is painted in-house at our factory.

Whether on a patio, next to the bed, or at the end of the sofa, sturdy manufacturing and timeless design mean the Owen Side Table will continue to serve you well for generations to come. A true domestic utility workhorse in the tradition of Schoolhouse icons. 

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