Featured: A Dining Room Makeover with the Regent Chandelier

From A Dark, Moody & Oh-So-Glam Rental Dining Room by Emily Henderson

"Okay, let’s discuss one of my biggest headaches in this room: the light fixtures. I said this Tuesday, but this room is tricky because the lighting is centered on the room’s footprint, while everything else is a bit askew, centered to the wall between the kitchen opening and hallway door. That meant I needed to either be okay with a pendant/chandelier falling SUPER to the left of the table or find another solution. About a week or two before this shoot, as I entered straight-up panic mode, I was on Schoolhouse’s website and found this beauty. It was a God send, no joke. If I connected one canopy to the current junction box, and installed the other to the ceiling, it would miraculously be centered on the table. I have to imagine this is why they make these types of light fixtures. To help desperate people like me who can’t/dont want to move junction boxes. THANK YOU SCHOOLHOUSE FOR COMING TO THE RESCUE. It’s made of ceramic “bells”, brass plates and pretty white oak connecting pieces. This fixture is insanely special in person, and I’m very much in love with it." 

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