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Our Top 10 Back to School Picks For Every Age

Kid's room inspiration 2023.

There's something about back-to-school shopping that inspires joyful nostalgia like no other. For many of us, it's a chance to dust off old traditions and make new childhood memories that are future selves with thank us for. 

Whether your school supply shopping for the first time or decorating a dorm room for your soon-to-be college student, we've got you covered. Below, we've rounded up our favorites to help you get ready for a memorable and successful academic year.


Back to school supplies on a desk.


Our play-inspired picks for your preschooler are geared towards hands-on activities and creative exploration. 


Storage ideas for kid's room.


Everyday Tray

This handy helper is a great organizational option for all sorts of preschool activities: portion out snacks, use it as a play tray, or set up a Montessori-inspired art station with different craft options. 


"The Everyday Tray is just the right size for my toddler—perfect for snack time or as a catch-all for craft projects."


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A Montessori-inspired tray for kids.


The Alphabet Print

A charming arrangement of letters for young and old alike, the Alphabet Print's bright colors and clean typography strike the perfect balance between playful and sophisticated and are sure to inspire creativity in any room or corner. 


"Designed by Amanda Jane Jones, the Alphabet Print is perfect for adding an artful and educational element to your kid's room."


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The Alphabet Print by Amanda Jane Jones. 

Elementary School 

Nostalgic favorites for elementary school students to help make the academic year extra memorable. 


Preschool back to school supplies on a desk.


Classic Desktop Pencil Sharpener

Perfect for the whole family, the Classic Desktop Pencil Sharpener features a zinc die-cast internal gear for a long lasting service life and a sturdy desk clamp to keep things secure. 


"This nostalgic analog addition is designed with a unique auto-feed system for quick and easy pencil sharpening."


Shop the Pencil Sharpener


A classic red desktop pencil sharpener. 

Hedgehog Shoe Brush

A friendly door-greeter that keeps dirt and debris at bay. Made from beech wood and bassine fiber, this Hedgehog Shoe Cleaner will remind your littles to dust off their shoes before stepping inside after school. 


"This Hedgehog Shoe Brush will serve as a fun reminder to clean off little feet after school" 


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 The hedgehog shoe brush

Middle School

Thoughtful picks that will make the back-to-school experience extra enjoyable for your middle schooler. 

 Academic wall calendar in a room.


2023-2024 Academic Calendar 

A stylish way to add structure to the everyday, each calendar features generously sized squares to write in key dates and weekend slots that are notated by a different shade for simple planning.


"The Academic Calendar includes an illustration of iconic Schoolhouse products on the back, so it may be repurposed as wall art at the end of the year." 


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 2023-2024 academic wall calendar.


Stackable Metal Container

Sleek, sturdy, and thoughtfully designed to be stackable, this sturdy container is perfect for art supplies, pencils, or children's toys. 


"Store crafts, toys, pencils, and any other bits and bobs in this stackable storage staple for young and old alike."


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 metal stackable containers.

 High School

Explore our elevated organizational helpers, perfect for high school and beyond. 


Home office inspiration 2023.


Italian Hand Stapler 

Durable yet stylish, these Italian Handheld Staplers feature a powder-coated steel body in a bright assortment of colors and a patented anti-jamming design.


"This workhorse stapler can puncture more than 10 sheets at once and adds a fun pop of color to the table."


Shop the Stapler

 A vibrant orange Italian hand held stapler.


2024 Wall Planner

The perfect blend of form and function, this 2024 Wall Planner is designed to integrate seamlessly into an array of spaces and includes a built-in wire loop for easy hanging. 


"Tear off each of the perforated pages and hang on the wall to create a visual display that keeps you on track throughout the year"


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 2024 Monthly Wall Planner with perforated pages.


College & Dorm Room 

Functional favorites perfect for decorating your soon-to-be college students first home away from home. 

 Dorm room inspiration 2023.


Italian Book Ends 

Sleek and minimal, the Italian Metal Bookend is designed to fit just about anywhere. Versatile enough for any room, these brightly colored steel bookends can be oriented in either direction depending on the height of your books.


"These Italian Book Ends will add the perfect pop of color to the dorm room while providing simple storage for textbooks and other reading materials." 


Shop the Book Ends

 Green bent metal book ends.


Flip Clock

Crafted by one of the world's original flip clock manufacturers, in business since 1956, this expertly made timepiece features design detailing true to its mid-century predecessors and battery-operated quartz German movement to keep precise time.


"The perfect embodiment of function and form, the Flip Clock is a helpful analog reminder to put your phone down."


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 The Flip Clock in yellow.


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