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7 Products to Keep Your Space Organized & Clutter-Free

7 Products to Keep Your Space Organized & Clutter-Free

Sometimes, getting organized is easier said than done—but that doesn’t have to be the case. Now is the time to tackle the mess that might’ve accumulated over the busy summer months and prepare your space for the coming fall. Maybe you’re searching for more storage options or an upgraded way to organize your bar cart. Or, perhaps you’re looking for a few simple office accessories to help keep clutter at bay. Either way, we’ve got you covered. Here, we’ve gathered seven of our favorite Schoolhouse products for getting—and staying—organized. 


Everyday Clip

1. Everyday Clip

It may be a small and simple thing, but a good clip is surprisingly useful to have on hand. These ones come in a rainbow of colors and are made with powder-coated steel, meaning they’re built to last, whether you’re securing an open bag of chips or using them for heavy-duty hanging.


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Swedish Utility Rack

2. Swedish Utility Rack

A train rack is a smart, compact way to create more storage space in a small area, like a bathroom or foyer. Plus, for extra functionality, it comes with four dual-pronged hooks that can be moved across any of the three rails.


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Canvas Organizer

3. Utility Canvas Organizer

These sturdy canvas containers are great for organizing laundry, kids’ toys, you name it. Keep them in your closet or laundry room, tuck them under your bed for storage, or throw one in the trunk of your car for containing clutter on the go.


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Stackable Metal Container

4. Stackable Metal Container

This streamlined, utilitarian container is perfect for storing pencils, pens, and desk accessories. That’s not the only thing it’s good for, though: It’s a great way to store sewing supplies, makeup, and anything else small and easy to misplace.


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Wire Frame Bin

5. Wire Frame Bin

Looking at this bin, you’d never guess it was designed to collect trash—it’s that sleek and elegant. It’s also available in four colors, each of which features either a matching or complementary wire frame.


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Everyday Tray

6. Everyday Tray

Trays are an easy way to make a space look—and feel—more organized, especially if you’re dealing with odds and ends that are hard to find a permanent home for. These come in three sizes and colors, which means they’re extra stackable and versatile. 


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Miller Utility Cart

7. Miller Utility Cart

Whether you use it as a bar or coffee cart, extra shelving, or a place to display your favorite home decor pieces, this cart is deeply functional. Made of steel and available in two neutral tones, this piece is one that feels at home in almost any space.


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