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Schoolhouse Spaces: Two Son

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Our latest Schoolhouse Space is a new venture by Bleubird blogger and Nashville resident James Kicinski-McCoy and her husband Aubrey McCoy. These two, along with their friends David Perry and Leigh Watson (also married) have recently opened up Two Son, a lifestyle shop packed with indie brands and their own eponymous, denim-centric line.

As longtime fans of Bleubird and Kicinski-McCoy's aesthetic in particular, we loved that they looked to Schoolhouse Electric to help outfit their new space with lighting. Two Son's commitment to carrying a wide selection of American-made brands (in addition to their in-house collection) made them natural partners for us. We chatted with Aubrey about his and James' favorite brands, some must-visit Nashville gems and what exactly makes Two Son so special. Next time we're in Music City, you can bet we'll be there.




Name: Two Son
Date opened: December 2015
Neighborhood: East Nashville TN

How would you describe your shop's aesthetic in 3 or 4 words? 

“Modern, minimal, clean and inviting.”

Where does the name Two Son come from?

“We are a team consisting of two husband/wife duos who each have two sons. So it just kind of made sense to us.”

What inspired you to open and can you share a bit about your background? 

All four of us have been involved in the fashion world in one way or another. We equally shared a passion to open a brick and mortar store and/or start a clothing line before knowing each other. So once we all met, became friends, and started to share our dreams and ideas it kind of made sense. David comes from a background in vintage clothing and made-in-America garment manufacturing. Leigh is one half of the super talented and fashionable duo The Watson Twinsand is one of the owners of The Cordelle, a beautiful event space here in Nashville. James and myself have always been involved in fashion in some way, whether it be designing her own children’s line over a decade ago, to the both of us slinging vintage clothing, fashion marketing, styling, and photography.”


What is your partnership like at Two Son? Who does what, and how do you all balance each other out? 

“We all have something different to bring to the table. David runs the day-to-day of our own in-house Two Son line and handles all of the production of our garments and helps with men’s buying. James and I help manage the creative direction of the store, the buying for men’s, women’s, and home, along with running our social media. Leigh is helping to structure a more fun, event-side to Two Son, offering different pop-ups, installations, and special performances.”

What type of look and feel were you going for with the overall design?

“We wanted a black exterior and a white interior. Our goal was to create a store that wasn’t too overwhelming when you walked in the door and to find a way to keep things simple and let the products speak for themselves on beautiful light wood fixtures, with soft lighting. But, it was important to us to keep that rugged look that our old building has always had with the original concrete floors and brick walls.”

Why did you choose Schoolhouse Luna pendants for your space?

James and I have always been such huge fans of Schoolhouse along with its amazing quality and timeless yet modern designs—two things that a retail space has to have in order to evolve well. Lighting is so hard and Schoolhouse really helped us scale back and find those perfect fixtures that the space needed.”

Luna pendant in natural brass by Schoolhouse Electric

What are your favorite spots in the Nashville area from a design perspective? 

Where to begin?… Nashville has so much to offer right now and has really been stepping up its game! Revelator Coffeeis a new spot on the scene and they have done a beautiful job with their space, plus the coffee is excellent! Butcher and Bee is an amazing restaurant, which happens to be one of our neighbors, which is beautifully executed. Bar Luca, also in East Nashville, is so ridiculously well designed and is a great combination of modern and classic and happens to be owned by some close friends of ours who are all, collectively, bad asses. FLWR Shop, just opened this past week in our ‘hood and it’s gorgeous. Wilder in Germantown carries some of the most beautiful pieces for your home. Le Sel is another incredibly designed, recent addition to the Nashville restaurant scene that was designed by our friend Benjamin Vandiver. And of course, Imogene and Willie, also dear friends of ours—that store is a must-see!”



Who are some of your favorite designers that you carry in Two Son? 

All of them? Haha. Our goal was to bring some of the brands that we love (and that were not currently found here in Nashville) to the community. Brands like Ace&Jig, Jesse Kamm, and Lauren Manoogian on the women’s side and Norse ProjectsNorman Russel and Industry of All Nations, on the men’s side. We also carry some amazing home goods and handmade ceramics from Forged & FoundJenny PennywoodLe Labo, and Le Feu De L’eau and apothecary from brands like Earth Tu FaceMoon Juice, and Sachajuan.”

What do you like most about your neighborhood? 

East Nashville is inspiring. It’s fast paced, but laid back. It’s heavily community driven and probably one of the most diverse areas of Nashville. We love it.”

What can you get at TwoSon that you can’t get anywhere else?

“First, our in-house core line of Two Son product, which are only sold in our store and online at www.twoson.co. Secondly, about 80% of the brands and items that we carry are new to Nashville and we are proud to offer the exclusivity. It’s fun!”



Tell us what you hope people experience when they come in to your store? 

Really, an overall good experience. As much as we love a customer who buys, we love a customer who comes in to check out the space and we like to get to know them, introduce them to new brands and products that they may have never seen before. We’ve always said we wanted that 20% familiarity and 80% discovery when someone walks through our door. Come in, have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, shop, get to know us, and let us get to know you. Thats a big part of our day-to-day.”



Finally, who (besides you) should we follow on Instagram? 

We love @tasteofstreep because it’s hilarious!

Photos by Lindsey Grace Whiddon and @twoson

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