Hardware Revamp

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As faithful fans of updating the classics, hardware has long been one of our go-to solutions when looking to give new life to a thrifted furniture piece or tired cabinetry. In the spirit of hardware's unique ability to refresh our spaces, we've given our hardware collection an overhaul of its own.

Firm believers in the value of quality over quantity, we pared down the collection a bit, holding on to our favorites and adding pieces that appeal to our maker mindset. While carefully considering possible additions, we focused on handcrafted pieces made in the USA using time-tested techniques and high-quality materials. We couldn't be more proud of the line-up and would love to introduce some of our favorites.

Newcomers include our Riverwood, Midcentury and Hex Knobs -- chosen for their simplicity and 95% recycled solid brass construction. Timeless design and handcrafted quality are a lovely combination.

We also couldn't resist adding two sizes of the vintage-inspired, solid brass Card File Pull. The profile is just perfect -- both elegant and comfortable during use.

The unsung hero of the collection is our solid brass Greenwood Pull. The thin profile and splayed stems strike a utilitarian profile, especially in our rich, flat Matte Bronze finish.

Brass is back in a major way and has been a longtime Schoolhouse favorite (check out our new Fall 2014 lighting collection as evidence of our brass love). But the combination of our beloved Natural Brass finish with the linear proportions of our Edgecliff Pull is inspiring us to use this versatile finish anywhere and everywhere.

Just as at home in modern spaces as traditional and just as warm and stunning on white-painted cabinets as reclaimed wood drawers, Edgecliff is a fool-proof way to elevate kitchens, baths and built-ins.

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