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5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Space

5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Space

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When it comes to interiors, we know that real, lived-in spaces often come with their own distinct design challenges. A house that’s a home provides the crucial rest we need to live our lives productively – adding joy, warmth, and comfort to our lives. So, it makes sense that shaping your home to fit the daily rhythm of your lifestyle can sometimes prove to be daunting. At the heart of it, we see design as an opportunity to be resourceful and believe the rewards far outweigh the challenges. While each home is unique, we’ve rounded up a few tips that can lend a hand to those who welcome a starting point.

room with a fan and a table


Let the Light in

Lighting forms the visual backbone of the space. It often determines what areas are highlighted in the room and even how the room is viewed. Try to let as much natural light in as possible to keep the room feeling spacious and open. When using curtains, work with fabrics and blinds that are light or semi-sheer. Even if you’re not blessed with large windows, you can keep a space feeling cozy and bright by making up for a lack of sunlight with interior lighting. Pendants and wall sconces can both be used to illuminate dark corners or rooms with spatial limitations.


kitchen with white tiles and black cabinets and shelves

clock on a white wall

 kitchen with black cabinets and light wooden shelves 

Think Vertically

If you don’t have a lot of floor space, or need to keep the area clear, it’s best to maximize on wall space. Opt for vertical storage (like this Brake Angle Shelf) or use wall hooks instead of a free-standing coat rack. If you have a small room to work with, small profile wall sconces are a great option since they provide additional lighting and take up minimal space.


Edit to Amplify

Remember to leave space in the room for the eye to rest. Filling a room from floor to ceiling will make it feel cluttered and distracting. Give your furniture space to breathe and be thoughtful about the items you incorporate. Assess the room as an editor would by making sure not every surface is covered, and the color story is limited. By doing so, you can make sure that all the elements in a room work well together and prevent it from looking chaotic. For more tips on decluttering, see Simple Tricks: Our Ethos on Organization.

 kitchen with a table and chairs and ceiling light fixture

kitchen with white cabinets and a green table lamp

living room with a fireplace and a brown armchair and a brown ottoman

Scale Strategically

When it comes to making a room feel cozy and inviting, proportion and size go a long way. As a general rule of thumb, low furniture makes the room feel larger and the ceilings taller. If you have a small space, creating a vertical gallery wall will draw the eye up and open up the room. When it comes to rugs, it is important not to overlook sizing. A large bold rug (we love the Plaid Wool Rug) will extend the borders of the space while multiple smaller rugs will break the area up into sections. Above all, trust your intuition and make sure the scale feels comfortable and functional for your lifestyle.


Work Smart

Ottomans can function as extra seating or be used as a coffee table when a tray is placed on top. You can also get creative with the furniture you already have. Attach a paper towel holder on the side of your kitchen island or install some small hooks (like our Thomas Hook) to create an extra place to hang your dish towels. The goal is to have household items serve multiple functions. Finally, remember that home designing is not a one size fits all endeavor. Take time to consider your priorities, so you can strategically tailor your space to meet your needs and aesthetic. 

 bedroom with a bed and a ceiling light fixture

vase on a stool


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