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Simple How-To: Make a Winter Wreath

Simple How-To: Make a Winter Wreath

The right holiday wreath announces the season and welcomes guests with a single fleeting piece of organic adornment. Our love for wreaths inspired us to create our hand-finished Brass Wreath Hook to give every wreath the flawless mounting it deserves. With the holidays now fully upon us, we reached out to Cassie Fellows of the Oregon-based floral shop Foraged Blooms to walk us through the process of making a wreath using only a few simple supplies.


wreath hanging on a door

wreath matking process

Part of the joy of wreath making is that it allows for so much individual expression, so think of this guide as more of an outline than a strict recipe. Fill your wreath hoop with the foliage, vintage ribbon, and natural materials that you love most during the winter months and this perfect weekend afternoon craft will brighten your doorway with weeks of freshness and beauty.


  • 10-inch metal hoop (available at craft stores)

  • Floral shears

  • Paddle wire gauge 20-24

  • 2 jingle bells

  • 1.5 yards ribbon

  • Mixed evergreen boughs

  • Gloves (if you want to avoid sap!) 

wreathmaking process

Cut a small bundle of greens and bind it with paddle wire, wrapping tightly three times. Place the bundle angled on the frame and wrap wire around bundle and frame, pulling it tight and making sure not to cut the wire. Keeping the wire intact will help to keep the wreath strong.

person making a wreath

Create another bundle of evergreens and lay them angled on the frame, covering half of the previous bundle. Wrap the bundle tightly with wire three times, making sure to leave no lag between wired bundles. This helps keep greenery bundles from sliding around on the frame. 
Continue this method, alternating foliage in bundles and size, to create dimension and interest in design. 

person holding a dried slice of lemon to make a wreath

Once three quarters of the wreath frame is covered with greenery, create a larger greenery bundle and wire it onto the frame in the opposite direction. Cut paddle wire and tie securely onto the frame. Add color and visual interest with seasonal embellishments such as berry springs or dried citrus if desired. Thread through and attach to secure in clusters. 

person making a wreath

Thread two bells with a long piece of ribbon and tie on to the wreath where the two last bundles meet, making a bow. Ta-da! Hang your finished wreath on your Schoolhouse Brass Wreath Hook and enjoy!

 DIY wreath in progress

white house with a tree 

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