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In the Details: How-To Revamp Your Hardware

In the Details: How-To Revamp Your Hardware

Hardware is a detail that’s easy to overlook when redecorating. While big box retailers make it easy to compromise with poorly designed hardware of lesser quality, finding excellent hardware will truly elevate the space. Think about hardware as if it was a fine watch. Yes, it serves a practical purpose, but the sense of sophistication and refinement a well-crafted piece brings is irreplaceable. And if you are willing to make the investment, you’ll be rewarded every time you open a cabinet, close a drawer, or lock your door.

We source our hardware from traditional manufacturers, nearly all of which comes from companies based in the United States, because their skill and craftsmanship are the best way to achieve the quality we demand. Our hardware is also made from quality materials, like solid brass, quartz, and aluminum, and flawlessly finished to customer specifications.



In many homes, the kitchen is a room that hums with activity throughout the day. That’s the reason many modern homes prominently feature the kitchen in an open format living space. It’s also why the kitchen is a great place to invest in beautiful hardware.

Kitchen hardware should be beautiful, but also highly functional, as it gets used on a daily basis. Our Pacific Collection is well suited for this application thanks to its solid brass construction, eye catching hexagonal profile, and refined finish options. The luxurious weight of the design comes through in your hand. 

kitchen with white cabinets

cabinet doors with gold hardware

For a more minimalist appearance, we offer the Edgecliff Collection. Able to fit into and elevate a wide variety of decors, the Edgecliff series is our most popular hardware family. The sleek bar profile includes a rounded back face which is comfortable in the hand and easy to grasp. Edgecliff isn’t just limited to cabinet and drawer pulls, though. Hefty yet precise, the appliance pull option allows you to match your integrated appliance hardware with the rest of the kitchen. Available in our largest selection of finishes (polished nickel, matte bronze, natural brass, satin copper, satin nickel, and true black) the Edgecliff collection can be resplendent or demure depending on the application.

kitchen with blue cabinets and plants

white cabinet doors with gold hardware


Durability and ease of cleaning are important factors in bathroom hardware, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice refined design.
With un-concealed mounting hardware and a bent flat bar profile, the Nicolai Collection adds a playful and unexpected industrial look to a bathroom. Made from high quality, solid brass, the collection will hold up through the decades.

The unadorned geometric shapes of the 
Maxwell Collection are distinctly modern in their appeal. Thanks to a fine lacquer coating, the hardware won’t corrode in the humid bathroom environment, and is easy to clean with some mild detergent soap and a wet rag.

bathroom with a sink toilet and a shower curtain

bathroom towel racks, shelves, and toiler paper holder

group of black metal objects

bathroom sink on blue cabinets below mirror


We’ve discussed in the past how updating the hardware on an old piece of furniture can give it new life. Whether the old hardware is missing, broken, or just doesn’t fit with your design sensibility, replacing it provides one of the biggest payoffs for the least amount of labor.

The Fairview and Vista knobs can both bring a clean, modern silhouette to any wardrobe, dresser, or armoire. But what makes them truly special is the juxtaposition of materials: rich brass supporting pure crystal that catches every glint of light.

Both the Hive Knob and the Radcliffe Knob can add a sculptural element to your furniture. Considering the broad range of finish options - from matte bronze to true black to satin nickel - these knobs pair with almost any construction material. 
One of our most popular pieces of hardware is the Alberta Pull. These clean, linear-format pulls infuse any credenza with a sharp, mid-century appeal. 

white cabinet with dark knobs

cabinet with a sconce

room with a chair and a lamp and a dresser


green cabinets with handles


Door hardware
is incredibly important in more ways than one. It’s one of the first thing guests see when entering your home and it provides an opportunity to signal the design of the rest of the home right at the beginning. But it also needs to be sturdy, well-made, and durable through generations because it’s part of your home’s most basic security.

door on a house

door with a handle with the view of a porch and a chair outside

For these reasons and more, we trusted the longtime door hardware specialists at Emtek to create all of our door hardware. Every door hardware set they create is hand-crafted to exacting specifications using only the highest quality materials.

The Melrose Entrance Handleset with Abbott Lever feels as high quality in the hand as any original antique hardware you’ll find. The sturdy Abbott Lever and front handle design gives a strong grip for opening even the heaviest front doors, while subtle fluting around the edges adds depth of character to traditional homes.

Inside, the Tate Door Set with Cylinder Knob has an institutional quality, as if it came from a mid-century office building or school. Available in passage, dummy, keyed, privacy, and other functions, this set has flexible application.

Wall Hooks and Shelves

Finding attractive organizational solutions can be difficult. Luckily, our collection of wall hooks and shelving are created with the same care and attention to detail as all of our products. The Bureau Rack features a solid maple back board with black anodized aluminum hooks providing utility and visual contrast. When you need an honest but attractive wall hook for everyday use, the J Hook is popular for a reason. Meanwhile, the Judy knob offers a triple threat of utility: it can serve as a dummy door handle, a cabinet pull, or even a substantial wall hook.  The Brake Angle Shelf, named for the machine which folds the metal, is as minimalist as it gets. It’s durable, heavy-gauge metal construction holds strong against warping and deflection.

blue ottoman in room under coat hooks

white door

artwork and shelves on a white wall

While it can be tempting to cut corners and costs when buying hardware, we always recommend making an investment in carefully designed and well-crafted pieces. An investment now will pay off with timeless beauty and excellent performance for generations to come.


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