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Schoolhouse Staff Picks: Fall 2020

Schoolhouse Staff Picks: Fall 2020

Today, we celebrate our Fall launch - a momentous milestone of much hard work, pivoting, and problem-solving across all teams at Schoolhouse. Beyond the collection, we can’t help but feel a sense of pride in what we've accomplished as one-team despite not working under one roof. From our product designers to our factory, many hands work to bring our products to life, and now more than ever, we find ourselves filled with awe and gratitude for what we were able to achieve together in this unprecedented year.

This season, as we cheers from afar, we're reminded that there is still joy and beauty to be found in the everyday. So, in the spirit of celebrating wins big and small, we thought we'd share our Schoolhouse staff favorites from Fall 2020.


Radar Plug-In Sconce


“I love my spruce green sconce. Its quiet industrial feel makes me want to sit down and get lost in a good book. It also inspired the name of the old company softball team, 'The Radars!'” 


– Lori Blau, Returns Specialist


2021 Stendig Calendar


“The calendar is big enough that I can have it anywhere in my home and find the date with just a glance. I also love it because it reminds me of ‘dark mode’ on my laptop and phone.”


– Jared Grawrock, E-Commerce Manager


Hven Bench


 “The Hven is clean, beautifully crafted, and well-executed. The construction quality is solid, and the soft finish just makes you want to touch it!”


– Brandt Clawson, Product Engineer


Plaid Wool Rug 


“I love the Plaid Wool Rug in both Sky and Tawny. Their friendly, inviting pop of color and easygoing style really light up a room. Best of all, they don’t sacrifice durability for form!”


– Angelina Procopio, Sales Operations Specialist


2021 Big Picture Calendar


“The Big Picture is a must-have product for our household. It’s a great way to stay aligned as a couple on upcoming events, such as birthdays and weddings! It also gives you the chance to look back and reflect on some of the fun memories throughout the year!”


- Austin Marl, Supply Planner


Topanga + Concrete Throw Pillows


“There’s something about the Topanga + Concrete pillow that really speaks to me. Its natural colors are versatile yet classic.”


– Josh McDougall, Sales Manager


2021 Perfect Yearly Task Planner


"The layout strikes a perfect balance - it contains structure while leaving space for spontaneous note-taking. No matter what kind of week, month, or year I’m having, the Yearly Task Planner is here to help. It’s my favorite desk accessory and the only notebook I ever need!”


– Beverly Cerruti, Supply Chain Manager


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