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Introducing The Ion Workshop Edition

Introducing The Ion Workshop Edition

Since its release in 2011, the Ion has stood out as one of our most beloved table lamps. Now, as part of the Spring Collection, we are proud to introduce the newest member of the Ion family, one that puts in long hours and always gets the job done: the Ion Lamp—Workshop Edition. This maker-friendly fixture celebrates the materials, colorways, and tireless spirit of utilitarian design.

What makes the Ion unique is the wide variety of personalities it can adopt based on its materials, color, and the light bulb pairing. This is apparent among the three Ion versions we already offered: the Portland Edition, Pittsburgh Edition, and New York EditionThe New York Edition has a distinctly metropolitan feel due to its ceramic canopy and monochromatic colorways, whereas the the Pittsburgh Edition combines iron and steel in a celebration of the cultural heritage of the city that lends the lamp its name.

The Ion Workshop Edition may share a silhouette with its predecessors, but its material interplay and striking colorways allow it to tell a story all its own. For example, its base is cut from 11-ply Baltic Birch plywood, a premium material that anchors the lamp in crisp lines and radiant wood tones. Above, a spun steel canopy wears a clean coat of high-gloss custom color. A twisted khaki cord pairs with each color option to create a combination reminiscent of a workman’s uniform. The lamp features a globe-style, clear glass bulb to highlight the warmth of the exposed filaments.

When it came time to create a new Ion, the product development team decided to give a new platform to some of our favorite sources of inspiration: utilitarian and industrial design. The same set of all-original colors that were already adorning the Schoolhouse Utility Stool provided an excellent new expression for this familiar product ethos.

To create the plywood base, we turned to Portland’s own Bearded Boy Design. Founded as an Etsy shop in 2012 by Nathanael Malone, Bearded Boy Design quickly grew into a successful maker studio. The company normally specializes in creating custom beer tap handles and they’ve worked with some of Oregon’s best breweries, including Breakside, Royale, and Block 15 Brewing. But when we approached them about the Workshop Edition, they offered to bring their tools to the new project. The resulting plywood base demonstrates the inimitable quality that comes from the hands of a skilled maker.

“We ended up choosing Nathanael because his work came in at such a consistently high quality,” says Associate Product Developer Sarah Hashiguchi. “There is almost always a cheaper supplier to be found somewhere, but when we saw Nathanael’s work, we knew he was the right choice. It just so happens that he’s also doing his work just a few miles down the road.”

As with past iterations, the Workshop Edition also employs a nickel-plated toggle switch, and the cork-base pad keeps the lamp from marking furniture. As with all of our lighting, the Workshop Edition is finished and assembled right here in our Portland factory and headquarters.




Whether you’re looking to shed some light on your latest blueprints or you need some extra illumination when everyone else has turned the lights off for the day, the Ion Workshop Edition will provide the dependable service and proven demeanor your workspace requires.

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