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Before & After: A Sweet & Approachable Bedroom Refresh

Before & After: A Sweet & Approachable Bedroom Refresh

It’s surprising how a bucket of paint and a little on-the-fly creativity can completely change up a room. That is, unless DIY whisperer Chelsea Harris is involved. After seeing how she brought new life to the kitchen and bathroom in her Portland apartment, we only expect pure magic from her renovations.

Chelsea’s next opportunity to add some color to her space was the bedroom. With a few key updates, she transformed it into a calming sanctuary that leans into the rental’s 1940s charm.



Before photo of bedroom in Portland rental apartment



After photo of rental bedroom with green-blue paint and orange wallpaper


What inspired the makeover?

I chose this apartment in the first place because of its potential. There was so much original character and charm, so a bedroom makeover was always part of the plan! After I gave the bathroom and kitchen a little love, I decided it was time to bring the same color and personality into the bedroom.

 “I knew I wanted to create a calming space to relax and unwind, which is why I chose to paint the walls a soothing blue green—a choice that would go on to inform the rest of the design.”


What was the makeover process like?

There’s nothing I love more than a good DIY, so overall the entire process was very satisfying. It was also relatively simple. The hardest part was probably putting up the wallpaper (which honestly wasn’t even that hard!). I started off by painting the room, and that alone made such a big difference. Then, once the wallpaper and trim were up I felt like I was living in an entirely new space.


Before photo of bedroom corner with painted desk

After photo of painted bedroom with reading nook


Can you tell us your favorite part of the finished look?

The wallpaper and trim definitely transformed the space, and they’re undoubtedly my favorite part of the room. But I also love how the little “reading corner” came out! It is the perfect cozy spot to hang out with a book.


We’d love to know more about the wallpaper and trim! Can you share what that DIY process was like?

This process was actually a bit easier than I originally thought! I bought peel and stick wallpaper and lined it up strip by strip according to the directions. Then I smoothed out any bubbles using the smoothing tool they provided. Once the wallpaper was up I installed the trim using a nail gun (you can rent them from Home Depot if you don’t have your own!).

The best part is that this whole DIY is pretty rental friendly. The wallpaper comes right off without damage, and the trim can easily be pulled off with a crowbar. Then all you have to do is fill a few holes with spackle and voila!


After shot of bed in green-blue painted rental bedroom


Tell us more about your Schoolhouse picks for this space. What are a few of your favorites?

My favorite Schoolhouse picks for this room have to be the bedding. Schoolhouse bedding is truly one-of-a-kind and I’ve never found anything else that compares. The Stillwater Floral Quilt in White adds visual interest to the bed without being too busy or taking away from the overall design of the room. (I love it so much I have it in multiple colors!)


Last but not least, what advice do you have for someone wanting to update their space?

My advice is always to “go for it.” I know how overwhelming and intimidating transforming a space can be, but after many DIY successes (and failures), I can confidently say that it’s not as hard as you may think! Rental or not, everyone should feel empowered to transform their space into one that reflects who they are.


Before photo of bedroom corner with yellow wardrobe

After photo of bedroom with yellow painted wardrobe


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