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As an American manufacturer and a member of the design community, we must unequivocally state our support for, and ongoing commitment to the Black Lives Matter & Stop Asian Hate movements. Today and every day, we acknowledge the injustices caused by institutionalized racism and actively work to create a more inclusive world. We know outwardly condemning racism is not enough, and the work that needs to be done is only beginning. Staying silent on human rights issues supports the status quo, and moving forward, we plan to take an active role in systemic change.

In addition to supporting our community through signing petitions to demand justice, calling our representatives, and giving donations to fight against racism (including National Bail Out, NAACP Legal Defense, BYP100, among others), we are holding ourselves accountable for long-term internal change in the form of a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Committee.

We have identified the below areas (now subcommittees) where we will focus our attention on moving forward.

DEI Subcommitees

  • Internal Awareness & Training Identify and implement content and curriculum to help raise our collective awareness and knowledge about all things DEI.

  • Recruiting & Retention Identify and implement opportunities to evolve and improve our recruiting and retention structure (people, processes, tools) from a DEI perspective.

  • Brand Voice & Creative Content Act as a liaison to the brand & marketing team to keep us accountable for awareness and improvement of all things DEI as we strive to better represent BIPOC voices and experiences in our content.

  • Suppliers, Vendors & Partners Work with our supply chain team and leadership team to develop new systems and processes to raise our awareness and accountability for DEI beyond Schoolhouse within our broader team of suppliers, partners, and vendors.

  • Internal Pulse & Metrics Work with HR to help us measure DEI progress internally and keep employee voices, concerns, and ideas top of mind through regular surveys and action items.

Our inspiration has always been the home and helping people create spaces that reflect their values. Our values start with equity for all. We know this is all only one step, and there is so much to be done. We plan to keep this page updated to hold ourselves accountable in our support for systemic change. As a brand and as individuals, we’re committed to doing the ongoing work necessary to further racial justice and fight inequality in its many forms.