Trend: Brass is Back

It's true. Brass is back, with a vengeance. But it's not the brass we all remember from the 1980's. The natural brass we are drawn to today is warm and gives the room a rich, vintage feel.  Its patina stands the test of time, and fits nicely into any decor and color scheme.

We've incorporated a number of natural brass items into our Fall 2013 collection. Here are a few of our favorite pieces...


1. Brass City 7 Chandelier | 2. Apartment Plug-In Pendant 3. Brass Index Clip | 4. Isaac Sconce Brass - Short Arm | 5. Brass Ion Lamp Box Set 6. Colored Pencils with Brass Holder | 7. Miles Desk Lamp 8. Imperial Letter Opener 

When in doubt, we say go for the gold.