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Easy DIY: Tips for Framing Art

Easy DIY: Tips for Framing Art

Today we wanted to take some time to talk about one of the most universally appreciated aspects of life — art. A tangible reminder to cultivate creativity, there are so many reasons why we admire art so much. The best part? You don't need an expensive collection to get started. Everything from an old photograph to a child's doodle can be a masterpiece to enjoy. As firm believers that art is for everyone, we asked Schoolhouse President (and avid art advocate) Sara to share her go-to framing tips. 



Celebrate Kid's Art

Incredible, imaginative, wholesome. These are a few words that come to mind when I think of the many doodles made by our littlest and most magical members. Whether you have kids or not, the fact is we were all little once and had endless amounts of energy and inspiration at our fingertips. Are there any pieces from your past that you could frame? A sweet note from your partner that you could hang? Channel your inner child and let your imagination run wild.

Tip#1:  I love taking kid's art and blowing it way up like I did with my daughter's Frida portrait. It was originally very small (smaller than a normal sheet of paper). 


Print Old Photos

There's nothing that inspires nostalgia like a vintage photograph. A simple trick is to take a digital photo of an old image, take it to a print shop, and have it framed in a size that works for your space. Large photos work well if you want to have one centerpiece, while multiple smaller images are perfect for arranging a gallery wall

Tip#2: Converting your photo into black and white will add a timeless look to your space and be easy to style with your existing interior elements.  


Make 3D 2D

Art isn't exclusive to paper or prints. Working with fabric for example, is an easy way to add inviting texture to a space. Get creative with what you display by hanging textiles, clothing, costumes, or any other items that inspire. 

Tip#3: the best art is art that you connect to — pieces that reflect who you are and what you value.


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