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Trend: Brass is Back

Category: All Category: Inspiration

It's true. Brass is back, with a vengeance. But it's not the brass we all remember from the 1980's. The natural brass we are drawn to today is warm and gives the room a rich, vintage feel.  Its patina stands the test of time, and fits nicely into any decor and color scheme.

We've incorporated a number of natural brass items into our Fall 2013 collection. Here are a few of our favorite pieces...


1. Brass City Chandelier 7

2. Apartment Pendant

3. Brass Index Clip

4. Isaac Sconce Short Arm in Natural Brass

5. Brass Ion Lamp Box Set

6. Colored Pencils with Brass Holder Set

7. Miles Desk Lamp

8. Brass Ruler/Letter Opener

When in doubt, we say go for the gold.

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