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How-To: The Art of Creating a Cozy Bed

How-To: The Art of Creating a Cozy Bed

When it comes to home comforts, few things beat the warmth and security of being enveloped in a perfectly layered & cloud-like bed. And as important as bedding is year-round, we feel that there’s no better time than the present to treat ourselves to some self care while showing our sanctuaries the love they deserve.

Whether you're going for a full on cozy overhaul or looking to scratch that new year's refresh itch — we're here to help. Below we've rounded up our tried and true tips for making an ultra comfy and considered bed for the seasonal shift ahead.  


Cozy bed in blue bedroom with wallpaper.

1. Pick a Palette

The first step is to pick a palette. From monochrome shades to warm, earthy hues, there are endless options for styling a space with personality. If you’re not sure where to begin, take a peek at your closet or the art on your walls. What colors do you see? Often the objects we surround ourselves with are most telling of the palettes we're drawn to. There’s no wrong answer here — the key is to find a style that you like and build on it. Below are a few additional ideas to get the wheels turning. 


Tip: As a general rule of thumb, dark, rich hues lean sophisticated while lighter tones give off a more relaxed vibe. 


The New Neutrals



By no means does sleek have to be synonymous with stark. There are many ways to style a neutral bedscape and still make it feel warm and welcoming. Through much practice, we've found that adding texture and a few pillowy layers helps add visual variety and cloud-like dimension. Neutral doesn't have to mean white either, there are many ways to get that clean, crisp look without sticking to a single color – play around with sand, light grey, or our personal favorite fog.


Timeless with a Twist



The best of both worlds, mixing solid sheets with a few punchy quilt or coverlet options is a smart way to play with pattern without completely committing. Start by picking a piece that shows off your personal style, then layer in calming neutrals around it to break up the space and give the eyes a rest. To add extra character, consider hanging up meaningful art or styling vintage pieces on your side table. 


Playful Pairings

 A bright kid's bed with plaid bedding.


For those looking for a little extra pizzaz, playing with patterns is a great place to start. Pick a focal piece and layer in a few solid options or coordinating prints around it. While there are no hard and fast rules, we generally try to stick to two or three different patterns to keep things feeling cohesive. Toss in a few throw pillows, and there you have it: a soft landing in a fun palette sure to brighten up your space.


Floral bedding with the Shelburne Quilt.

2. Add Plenty Of Texture

Next up is texture. Adding ample amounts of texture is one of the most important elements to making a cozy bed because it provides warmth you can see and feel. Think about the plush coat of a goldendoodle, the marshmallowy fluffiness of a down vest, or the lived-in feel of a quilted jacket. Textures not only act as insulators, but they also provide visual harmony and help make a bed look cozier. Think crisp cotton sheets (we're partial to percale) with soft wool throws, high-pile rugs and matelassé quilts


Tip: Get creative with how you incorporate different materials. Hang a textile above your bed, layer multiple rugs in the room, arrange dried florals on your nightstand — let your imagination run free. 


The Blooming Fields Duvet Cover styled by @wild_run_farms.

A floral quilt styled by @katie.leclercq

3. Layer Up

Even if the room is technically warm enough, there's something about a good, weighty blanket that leaves you feeling extra relaxed and secure. We prefer to achieve that cozy quality by layering blankets and throws over a duvet. That way, if you get too hot, you can strip off layers to find a more comfortable temperature. Keeping a blanket on top of your bed also allows you to have a light covering for when you want to curl up for a nap or read a book without getting all the way into bed (and as an added bonus you won't have to remake your bed!). 


Tip: Layering in pillows is an easy way to add texture, color, and pattern into your space, leaving it feeling vibrant, plush, and welcoming. As always, don't be afraid to mix and match styles. 


The ochre Channeled Cotton Quilt styled by @creekwoodhill.

4. Look Beyond the Bed 

Last but not least, look beyond the bed. Giving attention to the details that surround the bed is a sure way to style the coziest setup of all. Since it's no secret we've styled a set or two in our lifetime, we thought we'd share our "cliffsnotes" below: 


    • Select a side table that's scaled appropriately (generally a similar table height or slightly taller than the top of the mattress) 
    • Choose a small bedside clock
    • Add a reading light (one for a twin bed, two on either side for a queen or king bed)
    • Hang wall art
    • Layer in a rug or two 
    • Style with vintage or found pieces to add personality 


Tip: Including different types of softer, diffused lighting is one of our favorite ways to set a cozy mood. Try layering different types of lighting (i.e. a floor lamp with a table lamp) for variety. 

 A neutral bedroom with a wall sconce via @citysage.


And that's a wrap! If anything, we hope this guide serves as a helpful starting point to flex your creative muscles and carve out new comfort zones (pun intended). In the end, styling your space is a deeply personal exercise, so remember to have fun and experiment to see what setup works for you.

If you ever find yourself craving more inspiration for your cozy endeavor, take a peek at our gallery, send us a note on social, or schedule a virtual styling session with our resident expert. Happy styling!


June Side Table in the bedroom.

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