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Easy Home Upgrade: Plug-In Light Fixtures

Easy Home Upgrade: Plug-In Light Fixtures

Being believers in the transformative power of quality lighting, today, we wanted to take some time to talk about plug-in light fixtures. From floor lamps to portable sconces, investing in good lighting makes it easy to elevate your space without rewiring. As a bonus, if you decide to move, you can easily take all of your upgrades with you. Whether you rent or your own, we rounded up some fresh inspiration for a simple light swap. Below, we cover a few styling tips and how to layer lighting to achieve a look that’s both cozy and considered. 



Plug-in Pendants

One of the best ways to customize your space is to hang a pendant. Elegant and versatile, all it takes to install a plug-in pendant is ten minutes and a ceiling hook (we recommend a swag hook to keep cords looking clean and tangle-free). 


Tip: As a general rule of thumb, hang your pendant between 30”- 36” above the tabletop.


Via @mallory.prater


If you already have a hardwired light in your dining area, check to see if you can swap out the shade (read our guide here) or place a pendant elsewhere. Our other go-to spots are on either side of a bed, above a reading nook, or next to the couch in the living room.



Table Lamps

The perfect task lamps, these fixtures shine light where you need it most and can easily be moved from room to room. Table lamps also double up as styling pieces, adding height and visual interest to living room corners, kitchen shelves, and bedside tables. 


Via @carlanatalia_


Tip: Style your bedside table by selecting three or four key objects with varying heights and shapes. For example, place a plant, a clock, and a lamp for a complete look that isn’t cluttered.



Floor Lamps

Full of personality, floor lamps add ambient light while also functioning as sculptural statement pieces. Beyond the living room, floor lamps also work well in bedrooms, offices, and entryways, adding character and a cozy feel to spaces.


Via @maxwhumphrey


Tip: Mix table and floor lamps in the same room with varying heights and shapes to add warm layers of light.


Via @amandajanejones


Portable Wall Sconces

If you ever find yourself limited on floor space, wall sconces are a great option. The perfect balance of function and form, plug-in sconces make a space look polished with little to no effort. They're also easy to take down if you decide to move or simply want to switch things up.


Tip: To determine best reading light placement, sit on your bed and measure 4-5” inches above your shoulder (for more wall sconce placement tips, read here.)


Via @amandajanejones,@thewhitefarmhouseblog


When it comes to lighting, there are endless ways to get creative in your space, and it truly comes down to personal aesthetic and lifestyle. If anything, we hope this guide serves as a starting point and inspires you to experiment, have fun, and make magic within your own walls. 



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