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Designer Spotlight: Laurie Griffiths

coffee shop with blue chairs and ceiling light fixtures

Based in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta Canada, Laurie Griffiths of Laurie Griffiths Design is intrinsically inspired by the breathtaking landscape around her. Implementing natural textures and colors that reflect her clients' personal styles, Laurie designs thoughtful residential and commercial spaces. We caught up with her to chat about her sources of natural inspiration, tips for choosing a color palette, and her Schoolhouse lighting picks.


woman sitting at the foot of a bed


What you do:

Interior Design at Laurie Griffiths Design


The Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada

Design aesthetic in five words:

Haha, difficult to narrow down but I’d say clean, timeless, modern, happy with just a touch of boho.

Inspiration sources:
Its tough to live in a remote area with such breathtaking views and not have nature be one of your biggest sources of inspiration! While I dont necessarily subscribe to a traditional mountain aesthetic, I love using natural materials in modern applications, and am constantly looking to add in a proportionate amount of colour - like the utter joy of rounding a bend and coming on the stunning teal of a glacier-fed lake or a rare calypso orchid in the ground.


living room with a fireplace and black couches

Favorite projects:
Oh gosh, I have so many amazing clients that I love working with. I think a couple of favorites would have to be a local home with clients who have a keen interest in design, who value the importance of authentic mid century design icon pieces and quality items, and who also implement all of our design ideas on their own. I love that they get their hands dirty and do the work themselves.


dining room with a plant in the corner

bench and curtains


Another favorite project would absolutely have to be Folding Mountain Brewing, a local craft brewery at the edge of Jasper National Park. They put full trust in me to come up with the complete realization of the building and interior based on a Scandinavian alpine modern feel. The space is light-filled with spectacular views. I was able to work with local artisans and bring in quality products such as the gorgeous Schoolhouse fixtures.


restaurant tables and chairs

coffee shop with blue chairs and ceiling light fixtures

Best design trick:
I come across so many clients who don’t know what colours to bring into their homes or are scared to commit to colour. I suggest taking a look into their closets - the colours that you wear that make you feel your absolute best are going to be the colours that bring you happiness in your home. And sometimes that can just be a sea of black or white but hey, that works too!


kitchen with white cabinets and a stainless steel refrigerator

Home advice:
Be conscious that now more than ever we are bombarded by trends that can change on a dime, so it’s important to give extra thought to what we value in what we bring into our homes. I love nothing more than working with local artists to create the exact piece I’m looking for and supporting people who are making quality products that will last. Quality over quantity!


bed with dark bed spread and white pillows and nightstand

blue chair in a room with textured pillow

Top Schoolhouse products:
The Envoy Swing Sconce, the Isaac Sconce and the classic Edgecliff Pull


wine room

bar with a bar and stools

Photos by Tracey Jazmin

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kitchen with a table and chairs
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