FINEX Cast Iron 10" Skillet Cookware - Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.

FINEX Cast Iron 10" Skillet


At the heart of every kitchen is a cast iron skillet. Crafted only a few blocks from Schoolhouse, FINEX is heritage American cast-iron cookware at its very best. With deep-sided walls and an extra thick base that creates perfectly even heat distribution Vintage-inspired with modern upgrades like a quick-cooling polished stainless steel handle, unique geometric multi-pour design and a solid brass cap for easy hanging. Skillet is double-seasoned with organic flax seed oil.

  • Product Detail
  • Dimensions: 
    • - Width: 10"
    • - Width including Handle: 17.2"
    • - Height: 3.2"
  • Product care: Before initial use and after every wash, dry completely and apply a light coat of cooking oil. Rinse in hot water and remove any burned food with a mild abrasive like coarse salt, a scrub pad or a stiff brush.
  • Product material: Cast Iron / Stainless Steel and Brass Handle
  • Product origin: USA