Year at a Glance: 2017 Calendars

A fresh start. A clean slate. The opportunity to begin anew. There's something wonderfully cleansing about the promise of a brand new year. We may romanticize the 1st of January a bit more than makes practical sense, but hey - that's our prerogative. The world can always use a bit more magic anyway. For us, one of the biggest excitements of the turn of the year is picking out a new calendar to kick things off.

So, in honor of those who have mastered the art of the new calendar, we have rounded up our 2017 calendar collection for your consideration. You will notice a pattern here that includes clean design, gorgeous quality paper and a helpful range of sizes from perfectly desk sized to take-up-your-entire-wall. This season, we have brought back some serial favorites and added some new friends as well. See our top picks below.


  1. Perfect Wall Calendar - Made by Appointed in Washington, D.C. this easy-to-hang calendar is simplistic perfection for your entire year. 

  2. Perfect Desk Calendar - Also by Appointed, this petite self-standing option is brass coiled and features a backcloth cover. 

  3. Lunar Calendar - Beautifully hand-drawn pen and ink graphics track the waxing and waning cycles of the moon so you're always in sync.

  4. Big Picture Calendar - Designed and printed in-house in collaboration with Egg Press, this oversized calendar lets you look at your whole year in one glance. Track, plan and celebrate milestones big and small with ease.

  5. Stendig Calendar - Super-sized and graphic, this forever favorite of the design-obesesed has a permanent residency in the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.