Welcome: The Hello Sessions

On a warm fall Friday this October, we opened up our Portland store to the lovely people behind Hello Sessions and had ourselves a wonderful evening filled with good conversation and the always welcome sense of shared community. The Hello Sessions is a one-day workshop-based conference for creatives and bloggers created by Melissa Bahen and Joy Uyeno. We were happy to play host to their pre-event cocktail party and to help welcome all the new visitors to town.



It's always fun for us to share our awesome Portland space with new faces (and we'll say it, we don't throw nearly enough parties!) and we felt right at home with this talented and driven crowd of makers, thinkers, and do-ers. As you know, you can't throw a party without help, and we had it in droves thanks to some of our favorite Portland partners and others. Huge thanks to Union Wine Co. for their pinkies down, delcious wine; Quin Candy for their handmade candy confections; Chef's Table for their mouth-watering food and presentation skills; Emerald Petals for their jaw-dropping eco-friendly floral arrangements; our longtime buddies over at Egg Press for gifting their awesome Social Preparedness Kits; and to Salty Booth for making us look good. Thanks a bunch to everyone who came, and for reminding us that we need to throw more parties in 2016!


Photography by Linnea Paulina Photography