Portugal Part III: The Details

Welcome to the third and final piece of our travel series documenting our trip to Portugal. Part One offered our thoughts upon arrival and itinerary recap. In Part Two, we visited the family-owned factory that produces our bedding. This last feature is a visual dive in to the details. Traveling is, by nature, a pandora's box of visceral experiences. Simultaneously intriguing and draining; it can be full of delight one moment and totally mundane the next. Here we hoped to document small and modest moments that are present wherever you may go - simply because it serves to remind us of the common thread we all share, regardless of location. 



Visiting a brand new place, it's easy to be struck by the differences - the many unfamiliar details that surround you can sometimes be overwhelming (at least for this anxious traveler). The longer you stay and linger though, what starts to stand out are the similarities. The beauty of travel is that farther you go, the more our shared quality of humanity is revealed. Small differences in daily life and our surroundings only succeed in highlighting our collective oneness. 

The struggle between basking in the unfamiliar and documenting it for others (or for later reminiscing) is real, although we like to think we kept a healthy balance. Below you'll see Portugal as we saw it, in the form of a few favorite images taken as we walked through the ancient city streets. We have nothing but love and respect for this beautiful country and feel lucky to work with the talented and lovely people who call it home.  


Photography by Jorie Garcia and Chelsea Fuss