The Comeback Kid: Pop Light

As a company that designs lighting - among many other things - it's easy to get attached to certain styles and fixtures. Playing favorites isn't something we feel bad about because as a group of individuals, we're often drawn to different pieces depending on our style. Hence, the love gets spread around regardless. This season however, our so-called unique identities may have betrayed us because we are all absolutely mad for the newly-updated Pop Light.



Inside our design studio it's been dubbed "The Comeback Kid." See, this mod silhouette has been an iconic Schoolhouse piece for years now but it wasn't until we looked at it through a new lens and design eye that it's now blown us away all over again. The reason for our extreme infatuation? A newly sophisticated color palette to compliment its vintage 1970's charm. Like the name suggests, we originally offered this design in bright "pop-y" colors like orange, bright blue and yellow as a nod to its groovy, party den origins. As time marched forward though, we started to crave something more from our dear Pop Light friend. 

Modern and minimalist, our new Pop Light is available in clear, smoke and white. A sculptural piece of art for your tablescape, we love how the exposed bulb allows for even more customization (that gold-tip and white combo? C'mon!). This color story also highlights the natural brass socket cup beautifully which is one of our favorite design details, along with its special vintage-inspired plug.  



The Pop Light works so well as a statement piece that can still blend into all different types of environments. Its angular and unique shape catches your eye but the translucent nature of the acrylic material allows it to mix and mingle harmoniously with other components. The hardest part honestly is choosing which color you like best and with what bulb - as these can drastically change the entire look and feel of the fixture.