Summer at Schoolhouse NYC


A New York summer, for better or worse, is something to behold. Hot, sticky and crowded but packed with outdoor delights everywhere you turn, the energy in these warmer months is palpable and intoxicating. Whether you live in NYC full time or are simply visiting, we must humbly suggest you take a stroll to see Schoolhouse New York in person. Nestled on a quiet street in Tribeca and packed floor-to-ceiling with heirloom goods and gifts for the home, we're so proud of our little spot in the big city. 

Take a peek of our latest collection as it lives inside our New York store. Like we always say, the mix beats the match! From our hand-crafted lighting and American-made furniture to smaller kitchen and barwares and domestic utility items, you'll certainly find something worth taking home. While you're here, there's a good chance you'll meet our lovely Store Manager Michael (read our interview with him here) and Assistant Manager Travis - both home design experts who are packed with useful knowledge and helpful tidbits. 


Visit Schoolhouse NYC