Styled: Jack 3 Ways / Windowpane Plaid

We've done Green Velvet. We've done the classic Nubby Tweed. Now, it's time for our final how-to-style-it inspiration for our Jack Chair series: Windowpane Plaid. This particular piece of custom-made furniture goodness is a showstopper. You would think that a high-contrast plaid print would be divisive; only working in a very particular style of room in the house of a person with a very particular sort of taste. But, lo and behold, the Jack Windowpane Plaid is nothing if not versatile. See it styled three ways below in Mid-Century Modern, Eclectic and Traditional settings.



Starting off with our go-to style inspiration: Mid-Century Modern. This one features some of our most-loved pieces from our last launch, including our new matching ottomans, A-Frame Storage rack (perfect for storing albums, books, etc.), and Arranged Shapes print by artist Christopher Bettig. Add in the quintessentially modern tripod floor lamp, and you've pretty much nailed it. 



Next is our take on Eclectic. Proof that plaid is way more than preppy, this space is bold, fun and high in spirits. Pops of blue and brass commingle cheerily with the black and white patterning of the Jack chair. The vintage-inspired geometric camp print hints at an always-present sense of adventure. Meanwhile our utility stool does double duty as a side table, adding to the casual atmosphere. Mixed materials (concrete, steel and brass ) throughout gives off a warm, industrial feel.



Finally, we've got Traditional. Simple and refined, you'll notice this is not your leather-bound books and rich mahogany walls type of traditional. This is a more modern, pared-down take where everything feels classic, bright and not-at-all stuffy. Playful pairing of stripes on top of plaid and an always-in-vogue hairpin brass table reinforce the timeless-over-trend aesthetic. The Split Leaf print brings in a natural element to round out the overall space.